A Message From President David Honeman

Greetings GNO-ARMA Members and records and information management professionals!

Thanks to all of you who have joined our chapter in the past few years, contributing to the success of the chapter and the profession in the Greater New Orleans area. I am humbled to have been chosen to lead this tremendous chapter for a third tour of duty. I joined the chapter in 2005, just after Katrina, and have seen this chapter's incredible resiliency and determination come through a number of trials to show itself as a very active and determined chapter of talented professionals. In recent years, we have become well-regarded by our regional leadership, earning merit awards, including ARMA's only gold one year!

Our success starts with service to our members. I think of myself as a member first and a board member second, as I need all the same things any other RIM/IG professional needs. And, as President, I feel I can be more involved in the education and resources I receive as a member. There are a few things I would like to see happen this year, including:

We want to dig a little deeper this year in designing programs and speakers that will deepen the working knowledge we have and expand our RIM/IG toolbox. Case studies and practical management, procedural and technological solutions to current RIM issues are areas of emphasis. We have a member survey, soon to be completed, which will help us determine some of the hot-button issues our members need help with.

We want to hear from you. Please give GNO-ARMA feedback. We promise to listen. Communication with members will be a focus this year. A more robust website, a new newsletter and collaborative communication tools will help us in these areas.

3. We want to use collaborative tools to automate more chapter functions. This will make it easier for board members, committee members and members to contribute to the success of our chapter. (I'm thinking about starting forums for each committee, so people can be added as members to the ones they want, and they can kick in ideas or offer help or resources on the fly. This would far outpace the use of email. We actually used Google Groups years back and I thought it was a bit clunky in some ways, but had great potential.)

We want to assist you in pursuing IG and RIM credentials. Whether you are looking to add some initials behind your name or not, the common denominator for all of us, is the desire to grow our knowledge and abilities in our profession. If you are looking for ways to increase your influence and/ or compensation, you may want to take a good look at your value to your organization and ways to add to that value. Look for the opportunities to hone your leadership skills, project management or communication skills as well as add to what you know about various areas of RIM and IG. You could look for the pain points for your organization and what would make you the center for solving those problems. Certificates and certifications are useful in developing comprehensive skill sets- and measuring what you do know- so we hope to direct you to resources that help prepare you for that.

More collaboration with our member vendors and GNO-ARMA Friends. Networking with them to provide you info on their events and resources of interest can be valuable to our members. A page filled with links to various sources of RIM information, vendors and Friends can be of great value to everyone involved. Placing their events on our calendar could also be a good resource so that education on the fringes of ARMA education can be pursued.