AIEF Raffle Tickets

ARMA International Educational Foundation allows us to support funding and its programs through raffle ticket sales.  GNO-ARMA is assisting by selling raffle tickets at our monthly Chapter Meetings.  If you would like to purchase at the upcoming meeting, please reserve your tickets here.

Details of the Raffle

Selling Raffle Tickets:

Raffle tickets will be sold from now until May 2014!

Tickets are $5 each or five tickets for $20.  Upon purchase, the ticket holder will fill out the raffle ticket stub, providing their name, address, phone, email and chapter.

Drawings and Prizes:

There will be drawings at two different times and places: at Conference in Las Vegas in October 2013 and at the AIEF office in Pittsburgh on May 15, 2014.

  • There will be two winners at the ARMA Conference in Las Vegas.  Each of these two winners will receive and iPad/iPad mini.
  • There will be a second drawing on May 15, 2014: three winners can choose to receive either free conference registration for the ARMA Conference in San Diego in 2014 or free access to the ARMA "Essentials of The Principles" Certificate Program.
  • All Tickets remain in the pool for the May drawing, except the two winning tickets drawn in Las Vegas.  Preston Shimer, AIEF Administrator, will send reminders to the Chapter Foundation Champions in the Spring, prior to the May 15th date.

After you reserve your tickets online with GNO-ARMA using the link above, please see Martin DeJean at the Chapter Meeting to receive your reserved tickets and finalize purchase.