Opportunity- Would you like the opportunity to accelerate your career, with more opportunities to learn, to use new technology, to practice management skills and to grow as a leader? How about the opportunity to help your peers in the industry and create great value for your employer?

Let's consider some of the advantages of an ARMA chapter:

1.    Greater resources together than individually- money, time, networks of experts and peers
2.    Shape the education you and others receive- fill the gaps in knowledge
3.    Peers and mentors to help you shave years off the learning curve
4.    Ability to network with vendors, experts, peers and thought leaders
5.    Industry insight and collaborate on projects together to assemble solutions common to all of us
6.    RIM is an often-overlooked part of business, provides unique opportunity- meet regulatory needs, cut costs and create new efficiencies to showcase what you can do
7.    Learn leadership skills and a host of management skills in building an organization. This will make you a better manager and leader in your workplace because those are skills that come only by applying the knowledge you gain.

Those are some of the benefits of working in leadership on a chapter board. I invite you to think about your part in developing this ARMA chapter for your benefit and for the benefit of many others. We need, both, those who are experienced in the field and those who are new. 

Would you take that - Opportunity--  to take ownership of your chapter and your career, and to help us all become the very best we can become by helping us move forward. Thank you!

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