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Unfortunately, bad news.

Candidate Ralene Adler lost to Challenger, Robert Shaufeld .

By my count it was 222 to 628 ( for Shaufeld). 

There are still some write in ballots that will be added on Tuesday, but it's a clear win for Shaufeld.

- Levels, Levels, Levels


There was an unusual voter turn out of Levels parents, walking in accompanied by teenage children directly into the voting booth. In that regard, it was a good lesson in civics.

Though Levels has not been an issue , the Levels director, Ethan Mann, contrived it as an issue in an attempt to assure his job security. The word spread by Ethan Mann and a Levels parent, Amy Levinson, and Karen Rubin, an opinionated hack, was that the Levels budget, salaries and "prograsms" ( no, that's not a typo) were being cut, and that Ralene Adler was, and would be responsible. The assertions were made, despite that there was no factual basis, and there are six other trustees who also get to vote. The campaign to malign Adler by scare tactics and misinformation was regretable and a poor display of Great Neck Ethics. In comparison, Adler ran a clean campaign by choosing not to personalize it and only made positive statements about her qualifications and goals. She should be proud she didn't resort to Amy Levinson's, Ethan Mann's and Karen Rubin's smear emails which went out in bulk. As a former UPTC chairperson in the Great Neck School District, Amy Levinson had access to the district's entire student enrollment contact list and Ethan Mann had his Great Neck Library Levels list. It then appears that any unauthorized use of names and contact numbers for students would have come from Levinson and Mann in their political campaign for Schaufeld.

The direct campaigning by a paid Library employee, using taxpayer resources, email lists to influence a local election raises governance issues that the board will need to address. If they dare. 

One positive result, Robert Shaufeld will actually have to attend board meetings and get first hand knowledge, no longer relying on the smear campaign of Ethan Mann/Amy Levinsohn/Karen Rubin.

Perhaps, once informed, he will realize that he also drank the KoolAid and was used as well.