Meet the Google Team

For this event we have a great line-up of Google speakers from across the world. Learn a little more about them here, and follow them on Google+ to ask questions or request topics in advance of their talks. 

Software Engineer
Toki is a Software Engineer based in London and currently works on Google Offers. Before joining Google, he worked at MTech, Digital Jewels, and Yahoo. Toki is excited about software engineering efforts from Africa. He has a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering, a masters in Software Systems Engineering, and a Diploma in Character Animation.

Program Manager
Bob works on the Developer Relations team at Google in Nairobi. He loves contributing to open source, open web standards, and generally making the web a friendlier, more useful place for everybody. Bob was once saved from a volcanic mishap by a bad case of malaria. True story.

Android Developer Advocate
Pieter is a Developer Advocate for Android at Google and is the co-author of "Practical Android Projects", a book that teaches Android programming using Java as well as Python, Lua and JavaScript. He is passionate about mobile devices, the web, and free and open source computing. Before joining Google, Pieter worked internationally as a software architect and developer for over two decades in many roles and industries building systems and applications with myriad platforms and programming languages. Whew!

Senior User Experience Designer
Benedict Davies is a user experience designer working on mobile products. During his 5 years at Google he has worked on products including Google Mobile App, Google Voice, Chrome to Phone, YouTube Remote and mobile syndication with OEMs and ODMs. Following a background in electronic publishing and web design Ben has been working on mobile UX issues for the last 12 years. Prior to Google he worked for Hutchison 3G on the launch of the first 3G network in the UK and for Samsung Design Europe on a range of wireless projects.

Program Manager

Geographic Specialist
Jeremiah is a GIS Specialist who joined Google in 2007 and was part of the landmark project to Map Africa. He currently works on programs to drive acquisition of more geo-content in the region and increase adoption of Google Geo products in Africa.

Geo Specialist

Justin works with agencies and advertisers across Sub Saharan Africa, helping them to make the most of online advertising to grow their businesses. He's been with Google for 3 years now and enjoys the occasional game of tennis, time and work allowing.

Program Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa
Ego Obi is a Pro
gram Manager in Google Ghana. She currently leads the Google Apps Supporting Programs in Sub-Sahara Africa, an initiative designed to drive internet adoption at SSA Universities using Google Apps whilst bolstering their campus network infrastructure.

Technical Account Manager

Technical Program Manager

Commmunications and Public Affairs Manager
Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade is the Communications and Public Affairs manager for English-speaking West africa at Google. Prior to joining Google in December 2011, he was an Account Director at Insight Grey, managing the communication function of some the most active and notable brands in the Nigeria and the West African region. His extensive experience as a communications and PR specialist spans industries such as Electrictronics and Home appliances, Telecommunications, Banking and Pension management, FMCG etc. A trained Biochemist who found his love in communication, he derives joy from solving problems using this skill. His passions are music, photography and storytelling. In Taiwo's own words, "I love to capture moments and make them timeless."

Program Coordinator, Sub Saharan Africa
Nmachi works on improving internet access and technology usage in African Universities.  She is passionate about scaling technology products across African markets. Prior to Google, she was a Masters Degree student at Cornell University doing research on smart technologies. Nmachi also runs CP-Africa, a popular African blog.

Program Manager
Emeka is an Outreach Program Manager in Sub Saharan Africa focused on growing the internet ecosystem in the region. Emeka is passionate about developer content and case studies. He is also passionate about football especially when his team is winning

Program Manager, Google Africa
Melina works on empowering developers and entrepreneurs across Africa in order to create a vibrant community that will drive innovation online. Before Google, she was a researcher in political economics at the University of California, Berkeley. When she's not busy eating waakye in Ghana, she likes to travel and backpack.

Outreach Lead
Sebastian joined Google in 2007 and is currently the outreach lead for Africa and the Middle East. His mission is to spearhead advocacy, outreach and support initiatives to make developers and businesses successful using Google services and developer tools. Prior to Google, he worked a consultant in strategy consulting firms and in business development at Dell. Sebastian holds a Master's in Engineering from Supélec and an MBA from Collège des Ingénieurs.

Senior Research Scientist,

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