Dear Skater,

If you plan to do any level, and/or star tests planned for the ....................... at .........................., kindly complete the following process before the deadline of .................................:

  1. Kindly complete the online TEST ENTRY FORM(S).
  2. Pay online for the level test.
  3. You will receive pre-populated documentation with the information supplied via email which must be completed, signed and returned via email within 7 days following the closing date.
  4. Coaches to complete the online PPC formsPPC FORM for Star Tests
  5. The program will be updated on Facebook and/or on this website

You are also reminded of the following requirements relating to the tests:

  1. You are only allowed to wear the official test attire. Dress code for the level & class tests are the official Gauteng North attire and for the Star tests the Competition Clothing. Dresses and sweaters must be ordered from Irene Warren well in advance and are for your own account. Kindly phone her on 082 681 2662 to arrange an appointment.
  2. Your annual affiliation fee as well as well as any monthly membership fees must be paid up to date.
  3. You must have a valid SAFSA member number, please confirm with the Test Secretary.
  4. No late entries and no withdrawals will be accepted as per SAFSA RULES L.1.5, L.1.6.1, L.1.6.2, L.1.6.3 and L.1.7. Skaters that withdraw will be held liable for test fees after the 14 days before the test and will not be able to attempt that test within a 26-day period.
  5. If you are late and miss the warm-up, you will not be allowed to warm-up during the test period. Please do not be late as we do have time constraints.

Yours in Skating,

Test Secretary