The Ecological Connectivity Project seeks to marry on-the-ground action with landscape-level vision to build resilience in the face of change in the Great Northern geography. We engage with practitioners across the Great Northern LCC to foster collaboration that furthers connectivity across a broad landscape. This is achieved by sharing information, science, and management actions through workshops and other avenues.

The goal of the project is to conserve a permeable landscape with connectivity across aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, including species movement, genetic connectivity, migration, dispersal, life history, and biophysical processes. 

We have developed a strategy to drive connectivity work across the Great Northern geography. An established leadership team directs the project while the Center for Large Landscape Conservation facilitates it.

By improving communication, coordinating action, and facilitating projects, we are implementing two types of strategy:

1.     Top-Down Strategies

·       Conduct large-scale spatial analysis

·       Assess, develop, and coordinate connectivity policy

2.     Bottom-Up Strategies

·       Create connectivity tools

·       Support focal connectivity areas

The powerpoint below provides an overview of the Ecological Connectivity Project:

Leadership Team Members:

Ian Dyson, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resources Development, Lethbridge, AB

Anne Carlson, The Wilderness Society, Bozeman, MT

Michael Whitfield, Heart of the Rockies Initiative, Driggs, ID

Tom Oliff, US Park Service & Coordinator GNLCC, Bozeman, MT

Yvette Converse, US Fish and Wildlife Service & Coordinator GNLCC, Bozeman, MT

Sean Finn, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Science Director GNLCC, Boise, ID

John Pierce, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Olympia, WA

Carl Scheeler, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Pendleton, OR

Virginia Kelly, US Forest Service, Bozeman, MT

Michael Philbin, BLM, Billings, MT

Bill Rudd, Wyoming Migration Initiative, Cheyenne, WY

Melly Reuling, The Center for Large Landscape Conservation, Bozeman, MT

Gary Tabor, The Center for Large Landscape Conservation Bozeman, MT

Meredith McClure, The Center for Large Landscape Conservation Bozeman, MT

Tyler Creech, The Center for Large Landscape Conservation Bozeman, MT

Rob Ament, Western Transportation Institute, Bozeman, MT