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Here you will find the topic and relevant readings for this and past meetings.  Please subscribe to this page so you can monitor updates.  Also, subscribe to the MRES Google Group.  Each week, I send out an announcement about the upcoming meeting. Occasionally, I send out articles of general interest. If you intend to come to our meetings, then please sign up for the Google Group. It is an extremely low-volume list used exclusively for our group information dissemination.  Below is a list of meeting topics organized in reverse chronological order.
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September 24, 2015 Presentation feedback for Lisa and the experimenting society During this week, we will observe Lisa's 2nd year project talk and then discuss Don Campbell's ideas on the experimenting society to give you a better understanding of how I envision the hand washing study. Reforms as experiments Methods for an experimenting society 
September 17, 2015 Welcome back meeting We discussed several topics including 1) ICP 2016 in Yokohama Japan, 2) overall plan for the 2015-2016 academic year, 3) topic ideas including replication/fraud,, and the hand washing study   
November 27, 2014 No Meeting - Thanksgiving    
November 20, 2014 Visit with John Carney  John Carney is coming to visit us this week to follow-up on collaborations and project ideas with MRES.   
November 13, 2014 Predicting Survey Responses from Semantics We will discuss a new article in PloSOne that examines the impact of wording on the predictability of survey responses, implications for how we define constructs, and considerations for our own research. Predicting Survey Responses: How and Why Semantics Shape Survey Statistics on Organizational Behaviour  
November 6, 2014 Cut-off Scores and Rules of Thumb We'll discuss the sources of several cut-off scores, their sources, and how that impacts when we choose to use them as a guide. The Sources of Four Commonly Reported Cutoff Criteria: What Did They Really Say?  
October 30, 2014 No Meeting This Week    
October 16, 2014 Models We will talk about how some models come and go while others seem so unwieldy that they stay around forever while scientists try to untangle them.    
October 9, 2014 Unobtrusive Measures This week we'll discuss unobtrusive measures - the value, appropriate use, design considerations, and analysis. Graffiti in Four Types of Institutions of Higher Education  
September 25, 2014 No Meeting this Week    
September 18, 2014 Matched Tasks & Differential Benefits The topic for this week is "matched tasks and differential benefits". We will discuss methods to cope with an issue raised in the famous Chapman & Chapman (1973) paper - how should researchers interpret effects of a given factor on different groups of individuals when the groups differ at baseline (in their case, schizophrenics and controls)? Chapman & Chapman (1973)  
September 11, 2014 Training in Simulated Environments This week we will have a guest join us - Jim Templeman from NRL - as we discuss training in simulated environments (e.g., augmented reality, virtual reality) versus traditional training exercises. Topics will include what's been done to assess current simulated training environments, key aspects to consider when developing a simulated environment, and how to properly assess fidelity among others.   
September 4, 2014 The "File Drawer" Effect We're going to start the ball rolling with a discussion on null findings and a recently released brief article on the "File Drawer" effect in Science. It raises the issue of the respect null findings potentially deserve but aren't receiving in the scientific world and considerations for a repository of unpublished null work. Why null results rarely see the light of day  
August 28, 2014 MRES Kick-Off for Fall Identifying topics for discussion this semester and updates   
March 6, 2014 Stress and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) We will discuss the implications of revising our view of stress or some integral part of our logic model. Changing the Conceptualization of Stress in Social Anxiety Disorder Affective and Physiological Consequences  
February 27, 2014 60 second science - MRES style 60-second science presentations from MRES lab members. I would like to practice the opening hook at least once each MRES session (Fall, Spring, and Summer) without fail. The practice will help us all produce better opening lines.   
February 20, 2014 R markdown and Sweave demonstrations.  Today, I plan to demonstrate why “weaving” R code into a document provides great benefits over other traditional methods. Using R Markdown with RStudio Using Sweave in RStudio 
February 6, 2014 Pattern recognition and "carved out" scales We'll discuss the identification and use of pattern recognition in data and scale carving (when the full instrument is not administered). We will continue with student presentations as well!  Discovering Informative Patterns and Data Cleaning  
January 30, 2014 Measurement, Design, and the Delphi Method (Guest Presenters from Pearson Education) We will host student presentations and a presentation/discussion on designing a study intended to measure teacher effectiveness. Your input is highly desired by our guest presenters!   
January 23, 2014 First semester meeting Discuss plans for semester and topics of interest to discuss   
December 5, 2013 Revisiting Common Factor Variance And other concerns in how we approach analysis from a theoretical standpoint   
November 28, 2013 No Meeting: Happy Thanksgiving!    
November 21, 2013 Open Discussion [RESCHEDULING] Guest Presenter: Jessica Morefield from SynGlyphX  SynGlyphX Website Blog Tracking different Data Visualization Options 
November 14, 2013 Bayesian vs. Frequentist Pros & Cons in relatable examples for those unfamiliar A comic introduction An in-depth introduction to the debate 
November 7, 2013 Recruiting special populations Considerations and Tactics (e.g., Kish survey sampling)   
October 31, 2013 Revisiting crowd sourcing/alternative funding  Dowser's Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites Forbes' Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites  
October 24, 2013 Why RCTs can be misleading Within-subject designs and how to correct for something missed Wittmann & Klumb (2006)  
October 17, 2013 Longitudinal Data Several points of interest and within-subject design will be discussed. Longitudinal Data and MLM Longitudinal Methods Issues 
October 10, 2013 Process control charts in Psychology An examination of how process control charts are useful when tracking and determining clinical outcomes. Other uses will be discussed. Intro to Control Charts Clinical Study using Control Charts  
October 3, 2013 Measure Development Designing measures from scratch and related topics Test Development  
September 26, 2013 MRES Web Presence MRES is moving sites and we need a collective effort to help! New domain coming soon -   
September 19, 2013 Big Data Today we're going to start our discussion on "Big Data". We'll touch on what it means and why people are so passionate, concerned, angry, and/or confused about the implications of this trend. Most data isn't "big" Big data enables companies to.... 
September 5, 2013 Alternative Research Sources We will discuss alternative sources to find research articles outside of the GMU library system. This includes social media sites (e.g., reddit and twitter) as well as other scholarly-oriented resources.    
August 29, 2013 MRES kick-off meeting Today will be the kick-off for MRES Meetings this Fall. Please come to the usual spot - DKH 2064 at noon - to discuss upcoming topics and what we have in store for the semester.   
July 18, 2013 MRES Summer Break Begins No meetings from 7/18-8/29   
July 11, 2013 R for Data Analysis and Beyond We’re going to take some time to discuss R and its utility to researchers beyond data analysis. More specifically, we will touch upon its utility in writing research reports (aka there are options beyond Microsoft Word). One tool we will touch upon - Sweave - merges R and LaTeXallowing for the creation of reports that are easy to update and format. Reference 1 Reference 2 
July 4, 2013 Holiday: No Meeting Go enjoy some fireworks and and bbq!   
June 27, 2013 Composite Variables We’re going to discuss composite variables, a topic currently near and dear to Kathy and Patrick. Please take a look at the following (very short) article for an overview on the what, when, and how of composite variables.    
June 20, 2013 Alternative Citation Metrics Keeping with a topic we’ve spent time on recently, this week’s meeting will focus on alternative citations metrics. We’ll kick off this conversation with a discussion on altmetrics. The Chronicle offers us an article reviewing “the rise of altmetrics” and raises questions about how to best measure the impact of research. "The Rise of Altimetrics"  
June 13, 2013 No Meeting this Week    
June 6, 2013 Effects of Online Pubs to Citations The effects of online publications to citations. PLoS One provided a great example for us to discuss that would likely go un-noticed in a closed journal. Creswell et al (2013)  
May 30, 2013 Flipped Learning: The Sequel This is part two of our discussion on flipped learning. We will continue the discussion on theory of action and theory of change as it relates to social theory. Lastly, we will discuss a real-world example on how this work has been used to induce change in a population.   
May 23, 2013 Flipped Learning This is the first of a two-part discussion. This week, we will review the cognitive model associated with flipped learning. We will touch upon how cognitive psychology and Bandura's mechanisms in self efficacy inform both the theory of action and theory of change relevant to this process of learning. Come ready with thoughts and questions!   
May 16, 2013 MRES Writing Challenge To kick off the summer, we will meet to discuss a challenge posed to the group - producing a full draft of a paper over in 6 weeks or less. We will meet to discuss the details of the challenge, current projects we are working on, and references that should prove helpful to those who participate. The structure of this challenge has been drawn fromPaul Silvia’s “How to write a lot” and William Zinsser’s “Writing to Learn”. I highly recommend reading these two books if you wish to gain a better understanding on how to implement effective writing strategies. Paul Silvia's "How to Write a Lot" William Zinsser's "Writing to Learn" 
May 10, 2013 MRES Year-End Celebration Today will be the year end celebration at the Auld Shebeen. Please RSVP by 5/5.    
May 9, 2013 Developing Measures When, why, and how ought we develop a new measure? During this meeting, we discuss the rationale for developing a new measure and some of the details often overlooked by most social scientists. I discussed these points with many of you in the past but today we will all discuss them as a group and consider how they might apply to some of our own research programs.    
May 2, 2013 Longitudinal Data Analysis What do we get when we analyze longitudinal data? How might we better understand change processes? We will meet to discuss the growing literature on longitudinal data analytic techniques - what they tell us and what useful information is lost in the process.    
April 25, 2013 The h-index We will discuss Hirsch's original PNAS publication on the h-index (see attached) The purpose for our discussion is to identify what is measured by the index and why we might need such an index to measure scientific impact.    
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