No previous ladder carries over. Round-robin to determine ladder. 
  • You can challenge up to 3 spots above you

Challenge System Spring Semester: 
Ladder will be based on rankings. You may challenge up to two spots above you. You will replace that spot if you win.
Ladder participation is also required in participating in tournaments. 
  • Players participating in the challenge ladder must have payed club dues.
  • Each player will have only two (2) chances to challenge two (2) different players per week at your own convenience.
  • You must contact us by e-mail ( or any officer to notify if there are changes in the rankings. 
  • Challenger must provide challengers name, current rank, person being challenged, and his/her rank.
  • If the challenger contacts the person he/she wants to challenge (person knowing of a challenge) and the person being challenged does not show up, the challenger will automatically take his/her place.
  • If you were able to beat your opponent, you will then take your opponent rank your opponent will move one rank lower.
  • If you were not able to beat your opponent. Rankings do not change. No one moves.
  • Challenge format should be agreed upon both players. Suggested format is best 2 out of 3 sets.
  • Basic match rules apply to challenges; please play with sportsmanship (calling outs correctly, applauding your opponent's good play, etc.)
  • You may play challenges during the breaks. However, because the club does not meet during breaks, a challenged player may refuse a challenge with no penalty.
  • If you IGNORE a challenge, after two weeks, you will be REMOVED from the ladder.
  • Strike rule: You will receive a strike for each challenge that you refuse, or repeatedly postpone. After the third strike (if the third challenge is not played), you will be REMOVED from the ladder. A refusal due to injury still counts as a strike, but multiple refused challenges during the injury period will not incur additional strikes.

Please contact us if you have any questions or confusion about the rankings rules and regulations.