About GMU Club Tennis

Now back at George Mason University, we have the opportunity to gather each season for the love of this lifetime sport.  We are comprised of  strong group of individuals who are able to balance the rigors of George Mason academics with an active lifestyle seen in a club sport.  It is in this sense that we promote our student-athletes as being strong in both aspects of the undergraduate career.  Being a fairly young team, we are looking to establish ourselves in the George Mason athletic community as well as in the greater Washington D.C. area as an up-and-coming team reflective of our university's status nationwide.
In correspondence with our mission, our club is made up of a group of ranked players within the club who wish to compete at a competitive level in intercollegiate matches and tournaments.
All players need to complete a physical form if he/she is planning to play in such intercollegiate matches and tournaments.

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