Volunteer Opportunities

Sometimes GMSPA may be looking for people to come and staff an event while other times GMSPA may be seeking someone who is really skilled with Excel spreadsheets. Remember it takes a village as they say! Please stay tuned for future opportunities to donate your time and/or talents!

If you haven't volunteered yet, thank you for considering an opportunity to help out. In order  for you as a parent, guardian or grandparent to volunteer in the classroom or on field trips, three things must happen:
1) You must complete a new CORI form for the School District EVERY SEPTEMBER.  It is processed by the state and returned to Mitchell assuring that you are in good standing to be working with children.  Please know that you must photocopy both the front and the back of your MA drivers license and please be sure that you enlarge the photocopy of the license up to a 5x7 as some are rejected because they are not readable.  Mitchell typically sends home a blank CORI form to each family. (Click here to download CORI form)
2) You must complete a new CONFIDENTIALITY form EVERY SEPTEMBER where you must agree to be discreet and respect the privacy of the each student and all personal student/family matters. 
3) You must attend a Volunteer Training Session ONCE in your Mitchell tenure so that you can be briefed on what is and is not your role as a volunteer. General session dates will be announced on the home page calendar and individual training sessions are carried on an "as needed" basis.

GMSPA is looking for A FEW GOOD MEN!
Well, how it happened to us is a mystery, but we hear it happens a lot!  Having women on the Board is a wonderful thing and GMSPA is thrilled to have each and every one of them, but GMSPA would love some diversity!  So fellas, please don't be shy!  Come to a meeting or help out on a committee. You will be welcomed, cheered and celebrated!  Click here for a listing of meetings: About GMSPA


THANK YOU for helping us organize the below events: