School Bus:
Please complete this form if your kiddo is going to ride the bus! Please print it twice, sending one to school and handing one to your bus driver. It should help them keep organized about folks we approve to be at the bus stop besides parents and guardians.
Please have it ready on day one!

Download the Bus Stop Form Here

Parent Pickup:
Please help us be ready for parent pick up each afternoon by filling out this new school form if you are someone who drives to school each afternoon all year to pick up your kiddo! If your child takes the bus, this form is NOT for you. The better organized we are to help school help us, the quicker that line is going to move!

If you are able, please print and complete. If you are unable print at home, please don't worry as you will get a form in your back pack during the first week of school.

Download the Parent Pickup Form Here