School Info

The links on this tab will bring you to useful information such as fall school supply lists, faculty lists, etc.  And below are some interesting facts about Mitchell!

Top 10 Mitchell Facts

1. Dennis Bray is the school Principal. 

2. Erek Bratt is the Assistant Principal. 

3. Mitchell is now located in the former Middle School and affectionately known as Mitchell at the Middle.

4. Mitchell has two secretaries located in the main office:
  • Kristy Kirkland
  • Judi Lowder
5. Mitchell has two school nurses and one school nurses aid:
  • Kathy Smith, Nurse
  • Marisa Pacheco, Nurse
6.  Students have snack time each day.  Some classes have their snack in their classrooms and some eat their snack in the Cafeteria. 
7. GMSPA meets on a monthly basis.  Please join us and be part of your child’s educational experience.  
8. Parking at Mitchell is tricky.  If your child is able to ride a bus to and from school, consider yourself lucky! Our parking lot is not as big as it looks.   If you do brave the crowd, please be prompt and patient.  Safety in the parking lot is a major priority and Mitchell takes this very seriously.  
9. Mitchell Administration strives to keep class sizes to between 20 and 30 students as Mitchell values low teacher-to-student ratios.  Research has shown that class size plays a significant role in the learning process.  Every effort is made to balance all grades so that class sizes can be as low as possible.  
10. The Mitchell student population is typically 1,100 students each year made up of approximately 650 families.