Fundraising Overview
Fundraising is a necessary part of our volunteer roles and we could never meet our goals without your participation. This year we've streamlined our fundraising events schedule, made it even easier to participate in our Shop to Earn programs, Free and Easy programs, and have even added an option for those who would rather just write a check! 
So we thank you for taking the time to review this year's fundraising opportunities and choosing the ones that work best for your family. All proceeds are invested directly into the George H. Mitchell Elementary School experience. 

Current Fundraisers:
Halloween Costume 
Click here for the Costume & Party Fundraiser website where you can purchase Halloween costumes, dress up outfits, party supplies, etc. By using the promo code FUN4614 YOU will save 15% on your purchase AND Mitchell will earn 15% of your sale! This promo code can be used ALL if you purchase birthday party supplies other times during the year be sure to use the code then too!
This is our 4th year with the program and we have very positive feedback about the quality of the products as well as the customer service from the company so you're in good hands! Happy Shopping and Thank You!

Bridgewater Apparel Sales