GMSPA's Classroom Captains
Stay tuned for updates for the 2018 2019 school year!
GMSPA looks for one parent/guardian per classroom to work as a liaison between GMSPA and the families in your child's classroom. Typically, there are 25 families in a classroom at Mitchell.

The goals of a Classroom Captain are as follows:

  • Help to create a perception that Classroom Captains are useful and helpful for both teachers and the GMSPA organization. 
  • School Community members will develop an appreciation for what GMSPA offers as well as what GMSPA can do for the Mitchell school community. 
  • Support and encourage participation in GMSPA activities and events. 
  • Build a strong network of parents in your classroom so that more of them know each other than do not know each other.
Please click here for a full list of Classroom Captain Goals and Objectives

2017-2018 Classroom Captains - 2018 2019 updates coming shortly
Classroom Captains for Grade K:
Mrs. Alteiri- Jana Fisher Mickiewicz
Mrs. Corbett- Niccole Spiegel 
Mrs. Grist- Bethany Herman 
Mrs. Loomis- Jenny Callow 
Mrs. Walker- Heather Robillard 
Ms. Paioni- Kayla Foye 
Mrs. Pinkerton- Mary Johnson 
Mrs. Scripter- Stephanie Roberts 
Mrs. Sturges- Melissa Desjardins & Bridget Armstrong
Mrs. White/Mrs. Letourneau- Rachel Goodwin

Classroom Captains for Grade 3.
Mrs. Aveni- Bonnie Negrich 
Mrs. Benyue- Katie Porro 
Mrs. Dickmann- Marianne Barra Zielinski
Mrs. Doran- Erin Church 
Mrs. Jones- Nicole Hauvuy 
Mrs. LeGrow- Jaime Sullivan Kjelgaard 
Mrs. Mulcahey- Lisa McDonnell Meehan & Lauren Roy
Mr. P- Sandra Haynes 
Ms. Sergio- Jessica Gove
Captains for Grade 1:
Miss Boulay- Becki Chapman Moore
Ms. Brogan- Stacey Smith 
Mrs. Cotter- Michelle Telles 
Mrs. Dudek- Keri Cotter 
Ms. Gildea- Shawna Skurla
Mrs. Hartsell- Liz Quill Cerullo
Mrs. Beth Jones- Andrea Langone
Ms. Meaney- Anne Arcuri 
Mrs. Protz- Candice Dyer 
Mrs. Y- Kerri Sennott
Classroom Captains for 2nd Grade!
Mrs. Biela- Erin Church
Miss. Cinar- Cathy Mancinelli-Obrien
Mrs. Costa- Crystal Bowman 
Mrs. Gibson- Kim Gavigan 
Mrs. Ladaurantye- Danielle Letendre- Bovill
Mrs. Lazarakis- Melissa Boyer 
Mrs. Ohman- Stacey DeCotis 
Mrs. Ortiz-Tatarka - Jenny Burr