Sunshine Fund

At the April 2013 GMSPA Open Meeting, it was voted that GMSPA would start a PTO Sponsored Sunshine Fund for students, families, faculty or staff at Mitchell. We seek to raise small donations from Mitchell at the Middle community members twice per year for the Sunshine Fund; once in the fall, and once in the spring. The total monies collected will be held in a GMSPA account and called upon only as needed.

We foresee this money being used in small denominations in scenarios that suggest some sunshine would be welcomed such as student/parent/faculty/staff illness, death, fire, or frequent hospitalizations. We will not use these funds as an IN Need fund or Hardship Fund for such things as heating bills, or broken family cars.

Please consider a donation and return to school via backpack in an envelope labeled SUNSHINE. Please keep your fingers crossed that we won't have to use this money often. If you know of a situation that might benefit some GMPSA Sunshine, please contact a Board Member right away.

Thank you

GMSPA would like to thank the many families of the Mitchell School who have contributed over the years to the Sunshine Fund. Unfortunately we have used it far too many times of the past year but each time we do, it have a provide a little bit of sunshine to one of our Mitchell at the Middle Families who needed a warm heart and loving thought sent their way. It takes a village and we are so appreciative for your kindness. All gifts given via the Sunshine Fund are sent with love from the GMSPA School Community.