About us


The Globally Minded Student Association was founded as an organization that strives to promote and broaden international awareness at the University of Saint Thomas and the surrounding community. Started as a small club of 15 international students, GMSA quickly gained new members who were keenly interested in learning about different cultures. A key attraction of the club was its ability to bring together American and International students to share their experiences. Undergraduate and Graduate students, faculty and staff collaborated on organizing various intercultural events to introduce international and American students to the diversity of the world. Today, GMSA is one of the largest student organizations on campus with around 250 members representing more than 30 nationalities.

A prominent part of GMSA's activities was the Global Classroom Enrichment Program that involved bringing presentations about different countries to elementary school students. Currently, these country presentations continue to be a main part of GMSA's general meetings and our initiative to educate youngsters various countries. In addition to this, GMSA hosts several educational events like panel discussions and documentary screenings in order to influence global awareness. Our signature event, the International Dinner, remains as one of UST's most anticipated events of the year.

As a student organization at the University of Saint Thomas, these are some of the values that GMSA holds:
GMSA is an organization that values responsibility and believes that each of its members including the board have responsibility to each other, the UST community and the cultures that anyone in the organization will deal with

GMSA strives to be a welcoming organization with an environment that allows members to connect with and learn about others and their unique cultures
GMSA is an organization committed involvement in student charities, service work and community
Everyone, regardless of difference has value and deserves the respect and dignity of each other
GMSA will provide a forum diverse ideas and cultural learning with the goal of promoting international awareness among the UST community’


Globally Minded Student Association represents the club's initiative to provide UST students with an International Experience on campus. As diversity takes a new meaning, it is more important than ever for students to be exposed to the cultural practices around the world. GLOBERS, as our members are called, promote diversity by providing students of different races, backgrounds and majors, the opportunity to build relationships in our community.


GMSA's official logo was created in the summer of 2009. The new design symbolizes GMSA's modern spirit. Our signature 'G', centered on the Earth shows our ongoing goal of covering every continent in our activities. As for the choice of color, blue signifies distance, love, peace, and happiness.

Our hope is that the 'G' will quickly become an identifiable symbol of GMSA.
If you would like to use our logo, please visit our downloads section.


Some of the major events we participate in / host are:
  • International Dinner
  • Culture Fest
  • Salsa Night
  • Homecoming Parade
  • Taste of Saints
  • International Fair
  • Cooking Demo
  • Karaoke
  • Ice Skating
  • North Shore Trip