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Journal Articles

"Review of The Robot Revolution: Understanding the Social and Economic Impact, by John Hudson", Prometheus (forthcoming)

"Is precise econometrics an illusion?", Journal of Economic Education, 50 (4), 343-355 (2019)

“A Welcome Revolution in Innovation: A review of Revolutionizing Innovation: Users, Communities and Open Innovation, edited by Dietmar Harhoff and Karim R. Lakhani”, International Journal of the Economics of Business, 24 (2), 223-231 (2017)

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(with S. Pratt and A. Blake) “Dynamic general equilibrium model with uncertainty: Uncertainty regarding the future path of the economy’,
Economic Modelling, 32, 429-439 (2013)

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“Commentary on Gregory Tassey’s Rationales and Mechanisms for Revitalizing US Manufacturing R&D Strategies”, Journal of Technology Transfer, 35 (3), 351-354 (2010)

“The Rise, Fall and Renaissance of the Holiday Resort: A Simple Economic Model”, Tourism Economics, 16 (1), 45–62 (2010)

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