Autumn 2018

All seminars take place 3-5 p.m. in room SCH 1.01 (Schofield Building), unless otherwise indicated.
Organisers: Hamid Ahmadinezhad ( and Jenya Ferapontov (

  • October 3rd  [starts at 4pm]
    Drew Duffield (Loughborough)
    On the Representation Type of Automorphic Lie Algebras

  • October 9th [2-3pm] at SCH0.13
    Johannes Hofscheier (McMaster)
    On the generalised Mukai conjecture for spherical varieties via toric degenerations

  • October 10th [1:30-3pm] at SCH001
    Alexey Bolsinov (Loughborough)
    Symplectic invariants of integrable Hamiltonian systems

  • October 17th
    Vincent Knibbeler (Loughborough)
    Hereditary Automorphic Lie Algebras

  • October 23rd [3-4pm] at SCH0.13
    Victor Przyjalkowski (Moscow)
    Weighted complete intersections

  • October 24th (room SCH1.05)
    Michel van Garrel (Warwick)
    Genus zero log Gromov-Witten invariants of maximal tangency

  • October 30th -- November 2nd
    Workshop on Fano varieties and their automorphisms

  • November 7th [2-3pm] (SCH0.13) Joint with Dynamics Seminar
    Jonathan Eckhardt (Loughborough)
    The inverse spectral transform for the conservative Camassa-Holm flow

  • November 14th
    Ada Boralevi (Torino)
    A construction of equivariant bundles on the space of symmetric forms

  • November 20th [2-3pm]
    Sandro Mattarei (
    Additive subgroups and inversion in finite fields

  • November 21st
    Jens Funke (Durham)
    Indefinite theta series via incomplete theta integrals

  • November 22nd [3-5pm]
    Taro Sano (Kobe, Japan)
    Construction of non-Kähler Calabi-Yau 3-folds by smoothing normal crossing varieties

  • November 27th [3-5pm] (@SCH0.13)
    Dimitri Markushevich (Lille)
    Irrationality of 3-folds via counting points over finite fields (with a survey of other proofs of irrationality)

  • November 28th [3-4pm]
    Alexandr Buryak (Leeds)
    Open WDVV equations and Virasoro constraints

  • November 28th [4-5pm]
    Dimitri Markushevich (Lille)
    Lagrangian fibrations on irreducible symplectic varieties

  • December 5th
    East Midlands Seminars in Geometry

  • December 12th
    Konni Rietsch (King's College)