Spring 2019

All seminars take place 3-5 p.m. in room SCH 1.01 (Schofield Building),
unless otherwise indicated.
Hamid Ahmadinezhad (h.ahmadinezhad@lboro.ac.uk) 
Jenya Ferapontov (E.V.Ferapontov@lboro.ac.uk)

  • January 30th
    3-4pm: Maksym Fedorchuk (Boston)
    4-5pm: Igor Krylov (KIAS, Korea)
    Joint title: Parameter spaces of del Pezzo surfaces and Mori fiber spaces

  • February 6th
    Alan Thompson (Loughborough)
    Pseudolattices, del Pezzo surfaces, and fibrations over discs

  • Tuesday, February 12th, SCH0.13
    3-4pm: Stefan Rosemann (Hanover)
    Projective groups, projective vector fields and projectively equivalent metrics

  • February 13th
    3-4pm: Liana Heuberger (Loughborough)
    Title: Del Pezzo surfaces with 1/3(1,1) points
    4:15-5:15pm: Anton Galaev (Czech Republic)
    Title: Holonomy groups in geometry: can we solve the classification problem?

  • February 20th
    No seminar

  • February 27th
    3-4pm: Eleonore Faber (Leeds)
    Title: The magic square and a McKay correspondence for reflection groups
    4-:15-5:15pm: Marcello Bernardara (Toulouse)
    Title: Derived categories, motivic measures and rationality problems

  • March 6th
    3-4:30: Mirko Mauri (Imperial College)
    Title: The essential skeletons of pairs and the geometric P=W conjecture
    4:30-5:30: Giovanni Mongardi (Bologna)
    Title: Involutions on Hilbert schemes on K3 surfaces

  • Tuesday, March 12th, SCH0.13
    3-5pm: Gerard van der Geer (Amsterdam)
    Moduli spaces and moduli forms

  • Friday-Saturday, March 15th-16th
    Kodaira Workshop

  • March 20th
    Boris Doubrov (Belarusian State University)
    Deformations of rational varieties via differential equations

  • Wednesday-Saturday, March 27th-30th
    Geometry and Mathematical Physics Workshop

  • Thursday, April 25th, SCH0.13
    3pm: Alberto de Sole (Rome)

  • Monday, April 29th, Room??
    3pm: Matteo Casati (Kent)

  • May 1st
    No seminar

  • May 8th
    3-4pm: Matthew Randall (Shanghai Tech)
    4-5pm: Maciej Dunajski (Cambridge)

  • May 15th
    Alexey Bolsinov (Loughborough)

  • May 22nd
    Nikolaos Tziolas (University of Cyprus and Max Planck Institute for Mathematics)