About us

 Gmp blogging - Blogging to make a difference

I am Gmp from India. I am studying my age is 12 now. I have four blogs. Here are my blogs. 

1.  Dylit 

2. Youfacts

3. Abinaya

4. Holidays 09

1. DYLIT - Do you like it?

                   We can say this is blog is my homepage. This blog currently have 1500+ funny jokes. This blog contain Computer jokes, Bar jokes, Blond jokes, one liner jokes, funny lists, q and a jokes, sms style jokes, Misc jokes, Sports jokes, true stories + Funny short stories + Funny pictures + Funny videos + Comics. 

                    This is really a funny world. I am updating 50 jokes a day. I know and we know this number of jokes will increase really high and it will make a huge number jokes. A funny world to visit everyday.

2. Youfacts - Facts about all!

                   This blog is mainly created for the folks who are searching some interesting stuff to entertain them and some kids who are searching for articles for their school science project. Don't worry we have it here! This blog is packed with 100s of interesting stuff which are hard to believe but claims to be true.  This blog interesting articles under places and religions , future facts, history facts , internet facts, interesting facts, nature facts, people facts, plants and animals facts, politics facts, science facts, sports facts,  technology, unbelievable but true.

                   Now you can understand the amount of articles this blog contain. Omg! I forgot to say about the template. This blog have the best template which I ever seen in my life! Awesome template! Keep visiting for latest articles and facts.

3. Abinaya -  My love

                 Dylit and Youfacts are different from this blog. This blog is about my love. I love a girl in my school her name is Abinaya. I will write about the daily events that happened between us. First I actually thought to keep this blog private but later thought to publish this to others so that they can give their valuable comments and suggestion which I can use in my love.

                I promise you this will also wont be boring. This blog is too a interesting bog. A nice template which matches the blog perfectly. I think also some humor will mixed with it. I hope nothing go wrong in my life. Fast updating blog keep visiting!

4. holidays 09 - My life

                    When I create this blog I don't know nothing about blogger and all. Simply I thought of giving a try. Just came here to know what is a blog! Then say some blogs. When I browsing through blogs. I saw a blog which a teen has written about his daily life events. So I thought why Can't I do the same. So I started this blog. I am trying to post as often as I can. You can visit this blog to just read my story.

                   And about the title. The title is Holidays 09. I created this title because , I don't know I will get this much visitors and followers. I thought  a blog is a diary and we can share it with out friends. So I thought of writing my annual holidays events and show it to my friends. But later on when I know the real use of blogs, I also came to know about Google search engine. My blog is ranked first in one of the keyword so if I change the name of the blog my ranking will be don. So I thought not to change the name of the blog.