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GMO Free Hawaii Island March Against Monsanto Hilo Hawaii 2013
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We are a coalition of residents of the Hawaii Island standing together to stop and prevent GMO farming on our island, as well as to support alternatives and healthier opportunities to GMOs and industrial agriculture in general. We ask that all districts of this island to form local groups and work together as a whole with us to promote our stated goals. 

GMO's are a complex issue, and have many different facets on how they affect people's lives, especially in Hawaii. We know this is a grassroots effort -- and that means getting people from all walks of life and parts of the island to offer their perspective and mana'o. There are many ways to approach the "on the ground" education in different parts of society (like schools, farms, food stores, etc.). We encourage you to get involved, see how you can help, and what may be beneficial to the movement to remove GMOs from the environment. 

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We have a GMO Free Hawai`i Island page on Facebook that is open to the public and is searchable. Anyone with a Facebook account can participate in the ongoing discussion(s) as it is an open source for information sharing and networking of people involved in the movement.
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