Garry'smod SVN Links

Create a folder on your desktop with the name of the addon, open it, then right click in it and hit "SVN Checkout" Then Copy/Paste the link into the URL box to install the addon. 
Keep in mind these may be outdated.



Garry's Mod Parkour

Go Fish

Pirate Ship Wars

Winter Survival


Advanced MOTD

Alienate addons

Alienate: Life Cube 3

Alienate: Vehicles

Alienate: Iris Buster

Catdaemon Addons

Catdaemon: Shieldgen

Catdaemon: Rings

Catdaemon: Cloakgen

Catdaemon: Harvester

Catdaemon: Shuttle

Catdaemon: Shuttle Extras

Catdaemon: Weapon Stripper

Catdaemon: Wraith Dart

Catdaemon: SG Pack

CubeSystems addons

CubeSystems: Life Cube

CubeSystems: Life Cube 2

CubeSystems: Supergate

CubeSystems: Energy Gates

CubeSystems: Admin GUI

Doctor Who

Drool HUD

Easy Engine



  • Website: http://code.google.com/p/gmod13evolvemod/
  • SVN: http://gmod13evolvemod.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ gmod13evolvemod-read-only

Garry's Mod Map Icons

Garry's Mod Spawn Icons

Garry's Mod Achievements

Garry's Mod Cannons

Garry's Mod Hat Maker

GCombat Addons

GCombat Core

GCombat Extended

GManage - Server Management System

GMDM Resources

Half-Life 2 Beta Player Models

Halo Addons

Halo Player Models

Halo SWEPs

Life Support 2 Addons

Life Support 2: Petrol Mod

Life Support 2: Resource Transit Systems

Life Support 3 Addons

(No Passwords Necessary) Go to:

For the latest SVN links for all Life Support related items.

Life Support 3:Core

Life Support 3:Entities

Life Support 3:Resource Distribution3

Life Support 3:Custom Addon Framework

Life Support 3:Space Build Model Pack

Gas Systems 2

New Admin

NPC Control

PC Mod Addons

PC Mod

PC Mod 2

PHX Model Pack 3

Player Mod



Server Secure Revival

ShoTGuNGuY's Player Models

Sickness Models

Simple Prop Protection

Simpson Skin

Spacebuild Enhancement Project (AKA Spacebuild Model Pack)

Spacebuild 3

 SVN: http://customaddons.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/Spacebuild/

Star Trek Shuttle Pack

Stargate Addons


Stargate: Main

Stargate: Resources

Stargate: Extras/Overloader

Stargate: Replicator

Stargate: GDO 1.4

Stargate: GDO 1.5

Stargate: McKay Pack

Total Train Model Pack



VMF Suite Addons

VMF Suite

VMF Mega Pack

Wiremod Addons

Wire Mod

Wire Extras