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actuator lock motor
This page support the video posed on youtube "How to repair the tailgate lock actuator motor on an Astra MK5 & Zafira MK2"

The video details how to repair the tailgate lock on an Astra-H (MK5 2004-2010) and Zafira-B (MK2 2006-2011) and is short information video for the DIY enthusiast on how to replace a faulty motor in the tailgate lock actuator assembly, including how to source low cost replacement parts.
To carry out the repairs detailed in the video a repair kit has been made available on ebay priced at £11.20 + P&P.  The kit consists of an original replacement Mabuchi motor (original OEM) and a small 3ml tube of Locktite 638 (Green) retaining compound - High strength.


This product is one in a series of cost saving initiatives aimed at combating the the rip-off prices charged by manufaturers for replacement spare parts, particularly where they charge massive prices for large assemblies and twice as much again for fitting them.  Other items in the series include:
  • Renault Clio (MK2) tailgate lock motor
  • DAB Highway Pure Aerial Adhesive Kit
  • Lexus/Toyota/Honda central locking motor
All these items are sold through ebay.

Motor Specification
Tailgate actuator Switch
Another common failure is the tailgate open/closed switch.  On the Astra MK5 & Zafira MK2 the tailgate Open/Closed switch is integrated into the lock actuator assembly (there is no switch on the tailgate opening).  When the latch plate (on the bottom of the tailgate) is in the locked position a lever in the lock assembly closes an internal micro switch, which tells the engine management unit  to extinguish the dashboard warning light and the boot interior light.

You can test its operation by opening the tailgate and, using the shaft of a screwdriver, simulate the catch/tailgate closing.  Pressing the tailgate button will operate the motor and open the catch again and re illuminate the warning and interior boot space lights.  

The following is an amateur schematic of the tailgate lock actuator.

The switch and motor operate independently of each-other:

Pin 1 sends a signal to the engine management unit when the actuator is Open/Closed.  
Pin 3 is sent a timed pulse to operate the motor when the tailgate button is pressed.

Monitor these signal to confirm correct operation.  If you suspect the switch to be at fault please see the following youtube video to show you how to fix a faulty switch.

Under Construction (Can't wait...need a switch?  mail me on mitchell.campion@btinternet.com for status update)