Prof. Gyu Myoung Lee PhD SMIEEE

Professor, School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Liverpool John Moores University, UK

Adjunct Professor, KAIST Institute for IT Convergence, Korea

ITU-T SG13 WP3 Chair, Q16/13 and Q4/20 Rapporteur

ITU-T FG-AN Vice-chair, FGAI4A Vice-chair, CG-AIoT Convener

(Formerly) ITU-T Chair of Focus Group on Data Processing and Management to support IoT and Smart Cities & Communities 

Phone: (office) +44 (0)151 231 2052

Email: g.m.lee@ljmu.ac.uk, gmlee@kaist.ac.kr

LJMU FET Newsletter (November 2023)

Prof. Gyu Myoung Lee has been named among the world’s top 2% most-cited scientists in various disciplines. The ranking method is based on standardized citation metrics and has been developed by a group of scientists led by John P.A. Ioannidis (Stanford University). The updated full dataset, which ranks the world's most cited researchers based on career-long data and, separately, for single year impact is accessible online here.

ITU Interviews

IEEE IoT Newsletter

Interview news

Daily-Economy, ICT International Standards Maestro, December 2021 (Korean) 

Cryptocurrency News article, How to Regulate the Future Now and How to Unchain Blockchains, May 2018 

Online Webniars (Youtube)

Internet of Value: Trusted and Decentralized Web 3.0 Platform, KOSEN Bridge Forum, November 2022 (Korean) 

AIOTI webinar Promoting Guidance for the Integration of IoT and Edge Computing in Data Spaces Report, November 2022

C4IRSA Panel Discussion: Open data for economic growth, October 2022

IEC Academy, "Standards Collaboration on Ontologies for Smart Cities and Smart City Systems", September 2022  

Project Resilience | AI and Data Commons | AI FOR GOOD WEBINARS, October 2021

Online Book/Article

Capgemini Research Institute, Connecting the dots: data sharing in the public sector, January 2023. link

-  ITU-T Flipbook, Trust in ICT, 2017

Keynote Speech/Tutorial (full list)

- ACIIS-23, The 6th International Conference on Applied Computational Intelligence in Information Systems, October 2023 (Brunei Darussalam)

-  Keynote: “Towards AI Powered Trustworthy and Decentralized Internet”

-  AIAM 2023, FCPAE Europe Forum & 5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Manufacturing, October 2023 (Virtual)

-  Keynote: “Towards AI powered Trustworthy and Decentralized Internet”

-  AI for Good Global Summit, workshop on building a decision-augmentation platform to address global issues, June 2023 (Geneva, Switzerland)  

-  Keynote: “Data Considerations”

-  Huawei, 2nd Huawei Paris Workshop on Building Open Trust Systems, May 2023 (Paris, France)

-  Keynote: “Trustworthy Decentralized Data Ecosystems with AI”

- DigiCon-22, 2022 International Conference on Digital Contents, December 2022 (Jeju, Korea)

- Keynote: “Towards Internet of Value: Trustworthy & Decentralized Web 3.0 Platform with AI”

ICAISE2022, The international Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Smart Environment, November 2022 (virtual)

- Keynote: “Decentralized Platform with AI Inspired Cloud-Edge Computing”

FSDM2022, The 8th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Data Mining, November 2022 (virtual)

- Keynote: “Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence of Things”

8th Biennial CSIR Conference 2022, November 2022 (Pretoria, South Africa)

- Invited Panelist: Open data for economic growth

2nd Training on “Standards and Standardization for 5G and IoT”, hosted by EU Horizon 2020 TeamUp5G project, October 2021 (Greece)

- Tutorial: “Recent ITU-T’s standardization activities on 5G and IoT”

ICECIT 2021, IEEE Bangladesh Section, September 2021 (virtual)

- Keynote: “Trust in IoT, Big Data and AI”

Chonnam National University, World Class Lecture Series, hosted by BK21 IoT city safety research center, January 2021 (Gangju, Korea)

- Tutorial: “Internet of things and trust technologies”

1st Training on “Standards and Standardization for 5G and IoT”, hosted by EU Horizon 2020 TeamUp5G project, December 2020 (Greece)

- Tutorial: “ITU-T’s standardization activities on 5G and IoT”

TSDSI Tech Deep Dive online conference 2020, hosted by TSDSI (India Telecom SDO), October 2020 (India)

- Keynote: “Quantum Security: Quantum Key Distribution Networks”

Roundtable on the Global Initiative on AI and Data Commons, January 2020 (Geneva, Switzerland)

- Keynote: “Standardization for AI and Data Commons”

ITU-T TSAG meeting, September 2019 (Geneva, Switzerland)

- Tutorial Session: “AI and Data Commons”

ITU-T 3rd workshop on Data Processing and Management for IoT and Smart Cities & Communities, January 2019 (Seoul, Korea)

- Tutorial Session: “ITU-T FG-DPM Activities and Deliverables”

-   Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NUPT), hosted by the president of NUPT, December 2018. (Nanjing, China)

- Special lecture, “Toward Secure Decentralized Artificial Intelligence of Things with Edge Computing and Blockchain”

Nankai University, The blueprint for future manufacturing industry – our challenges and responses, invited speaker, July 2017 (Nankai, China)

- Special lecture, “Trust in big data and analytics for intelligence”

Presentations in Workshops/Conferences (full list)

IEEE WF-IoT 2023, The 9th IEEE World Forum on the Internet of Things Workshop, October 2023 (Aveiro, Portugal)

-      Invited speaker: “Aggregation and Composition of Digital Twins”

-  ICTC2023, International Conference on ICT Convergence 2023, October 2023 (Jeju, Korea)

-      Invited speaker: “Towards Trustworthy Decentralized Web 3.0”

-  OECD, The 9th Meeting of the OECD Expert Group on Open Government Data, September 2023 (Paris, France)

-      Invited speaker: “AI Data Commons: Project Resilience with Data Centric Ecosystems”

-  ITU, Ninth SG13 Regional Workshop for Africa on “Standardization of Future Networks and Emerging Network Technologies: African perspectives”, September 2023 (Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire)

-      Invited speaker: “Standardization for Quantum Key Distribution Networks in ITU-T SG13”

-  ISO/TC 184 Korean Committee, Digital Twin Manufacturing Standardization Workshop, September 2023 (Yeosu, Korea)

-      Invited speaker: “WoT Thing Description”

-  ITU Workshop on Future technology trends towards 2030, July 2023 (Geneva, Switzerland)

-      Invited speaker: “Q.16/SG13 for QKDN general”

-  Workshop for Quantum Communication Network Standardization, June 2023 (Seoul, Korea)

-      Invited speaker: “QKDN Standardization in ITU-T Q16/13”

Webinar, Alliance for IoT and Edge Computing Innovation, AIoTI, November 2022 (Virtual)

-   Invited speaker: “Data spaces: challenges”

Digital Around the World 2022, October 2022 (Virtual)

-   Moderator and Speaker: “Towards emerging Web 3.0 era”

International Virtual Seminar, Standards collaboration on ontologies for smart cities and smart city system, IEC SyC Smart Cities, ISO/IEC JTC1, IEC Academy, September 2022

-   Invited speaker: “Standardization activities for urban intelligence with smart cities ontology in ITU-T”

W3C TPAC 2022, W3C, September 2022 (Vancouver, Canada)

-    “Web based Digital Twins for Smart Cities”

The 2022 Huawei 13th Strategy & Technology Workshop (STW 2022), September 2022 (Virtual)

-   Invited speaker and panelist: “Towards Trustworthy Data-centric Ecosystem –Challenges for Computational Trust”

ITU/FAO Workshop on “Digital Agriculture at Scale: Sustainable Food Systems with IoT and AI”, August 2022 (Seongnam, Korea)

-    “Activities of Correspondence Group on Artificial Intelligence of Things in ITU-T SG20”

ITU Workshop on “Security for 5G and beyond”, August 2022 (Geneva, Switzerland)

-    “General aspects of future networks including trust networking”

UST Global Mentoring Conference, July 2022 (Virtual)

-   Invited speaker/mentor: “Towards Decentralized Web 3.0 Platform with AI Inspired Spatial Computing”

IEEE monthly technical talk on data analytics and Internet of Things (IoT), IEEE Victorian Section, IEEE Vic IoT community, July 2022 (Virtual)

-   Invited speaker: “Towards Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence of Things in Emerging Data Ecosystem”

IoT Week 2022, Global vision: IoT today and beyond, IoT Forum, June 2022 (Dublin, Irland)

-   Invited speaker: “Data Spaces: Key Findings and Challenges”

ITU Webinar, Episode 13: Architecting the Web of Things, February 2022 (virtual)

-    “Standardization and Challenges for Web of Things in ITU-T”

Quantum Technology: Unlocking the future” webinar, National Telecom Training Institute for Policy Research, Innovation and Training (NTIPRIT), India, January 2022 (Virtual)

-   Invited speaker: “Standardization on Quantum Key Distribution Networks in ITU-T”

ITU Webinar, Episode 11: Blockchain-based data management for supporting Internet of Things and smart cities and communities, December 2021 (virtual)

-    “Trustworthy data ecosystems with blockchain for cities and communities”

The 11th International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNet 2021), November 2021 (Virtual)

-   Invited speaker: “Challenges for trust in IoT and AI”

The 3rd International Conference on Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems (MLIS 2021), November 2021 (Virtual)

-   Invited speaker: “Challenges for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)”

ISO, IEC, ITU and UNECE, Webinar on e-business and blockchain, October 2021 (virtual)

-   Invited speaker: “Trustworthy Internet of Value with Blockchain”

AI for Good Webinar, Project Resilience, October 2021 (Virtual)

-   Speaker: “Project Resilience, WG2 data contributions”

Digital Around the World 2021, October 2021 (Virtual)

-   Moderator and Speaker: “Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT): the Korean Experience”

Global Summit and Expo on Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, GSEAME2021, October 2021 (Virtual)

-   “Human Centric Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Ecosystems”

TTA, Quantum Key Communications Global Standards Workshop, August 2021 (Gyeongju, Korea)

-    “Standardization for Quantum Information Technology in ITU-T SG13”

TTA, AI-Data Global Standards Workshop, August 2021 (Buyeo, Korea)

-   “GAIA-X and related standardization”

IEEE 7th World Forum on Internet of Things 2021, July 2021 (Virtual)

-   “The Global Observatory for Urban Intelligence”

ITU-T 8th SG13 Regional Workshop on “Standardization and future networks for Africa beyond 2020”, June 2021 (Virtual)

-   Session 3: “Standardization activities on quantum key distribution networks in ITU-T”

ITU-T SG13 Regional Workshop on “Standardization of future networks towards building a better connected Africa”, February 2020 (Abuja, Nigeria)

-   Session 3: “Standardization for quantum key distribution networks in ITU-T SG13”

ITU-T 5th workshop on Data Processing and Management for IoT and Smart Cities & Communities, November 2019 (Geneva, Switzerland)

-   Wrap up session: “ITU-T FG-DPM: The way forward”

ITU-T 5th workshop on Network 2030, October 2019 (Geneva, Switzerland)

-   Session 7: “Data and AI driven infrastructure”

ITU-T Study Group Leadership Assembly, September 2019 (Budapest, Hungary)

-   Session 3: “Data processing and management in future networks”

-   Session 5: “Trust in Data and AI”

ITU-T 4th workshop on Data Processing and Management for IoT and Smart Cities & Communities, July 2019 (Geneva, Switzerland)

-   Wrap up session: “ITU-T FG-DPM: The way forward”

Huawei, Invited talk, August 2019 (Beijing, China)

-   “Toward secure decentralized artificial intelligence of things with emerging technologies”

Chinese Academy of Science, Invited talk, August 2019 (Beijing, China)

-   “Toward secure decentralized artificial intelligence of things – data centric approaches”

BUPT, Invited talk, August 2019 (Beijing, China)

-   “Toward secure decentralized artificial intelligence of things with blockchain technologies”

BT, Invited talk, July 2019 (Ipswich, UK)

-    “Toward secure decentralized artificial intelligence of things with edge computing, digital twin and blockchain”

ILLUMINE Workshop, June 2019 (Geneva, Switzerland)

-     “AI and Data Commons”

ILLUMINE: International laboratory on future media and services

AI for Good Global Summit 2019, May 2019 (Geneva, Switzerland)

-      Together for Good – Building the AI Commons workshop: “Standardization opportunities on AI and Data Commons”

GSC(Global Standards Collaboration)-22, hosted by IEC and ISO, March 2019 (Montreux, Switzerland)

-      Theme 2: “ITU-T data processing and management framework”

ITU-UN-Habitat-UNDP Forum on “Smart sustainable cities: technological trends, success stories and future prospects”, February 2019 (Minsk, Belarus)

-      Session 2: “Trustworthiness in data processing and management for IoT and smart cities”