MT4J Tutorials

This is a tutorial for the Multitouch for Java (MT4j) Framework. 
  1. MT4J Basics 
  2. MT4J Components 
  3. MT4J Transformations 
  4. MT4J Animations 
  5. MT4J Physics 
  6. MT4J PreDrawAction 
  7. Application: Photo Viewer 
  8. MT4J Gestures 
  9. Using JOGL and OpenGL in MT4Jv0.95
Debugging multitouch programs can be done by using a second mouse to simulate the second finger, this can be done in Windows and Linux. If you do not have a second mouse, you can create a simulation point by positioning the mouse, pressing ctrl+n. This simulation point can then be toggled on and off by pressing and releasing the shift key. This is useful when you want to rotate or scale a component. 

Note: There has been many changes between MT4J V0.95 and V0.98. The JOGL tutorials are currently only compatible with MT4J v0.95.

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