Freya Hoffmeister

Possibly one of the world's greatest endurance athletes. Freya has undertaken not one but many multi-month challenges of paddling around not alone Islands (Ireland, Iceland .. ) but continents (Australia, South America, ..) solo.  Freya will be in GMIT for a near on 3 hour session which will include talk, book signings, photos and Q & As.

Freya will be in GMIT's Mayo Campus in Castlebar on Wednesday February 21st to give a seminar / talk on her exploits. To book a ticket for this event click on the Tickets link .

Freya Hoffmeister, born 10.05.1964, also known as “Freya Shakti” or “Goddess of Love to the Seas“, is a highly-skilled open ocean-paddler who has undertaken the two world’s greatest timed sea kayaking continental circumnavigations, plus has numerous islands records to her name.
  • World Paddle Award ”Sportswoman of the Year”
  • National Geographics “Adventurer of the Year”
  • “Outdoor” European Adventurer of the Year
  • KANU Magazin “Paddlers Pick” 2015
  • DKV “Botschafterin des Kanusports”
  • LKV S-H “Ehrenmitglied”

For a more comprehensive list of Freya's accomplishments visit her website