Feb 10th, 2018


Ø All ticket sales ends at 0900am February 10th, 2018

Ø All ticket & raffle sales are finial

Ø One entry per participant

Ø All fish will be measured at Kennebunk Pond Boat Launch 6am-2:30pm on February 10th

Ø All entries will be entered for door prizes and winners will be placed on winner board throughout tournament. Winners must pick up prize by 2:30 on Feb. 10th 2018 or another winner will be drawn in place.

Ø Winners must have an ID or original ticket stub to prove validation of winnings from raffle.

Ø Winner must be present for 50/50 raffle during awards ceremony if not another winner will be drawn

Ø All participants must follow derby rules as well as all State of Maine Inland Fisheries Wildlife Laws.

Ø GMFRA is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Ø This is an honest derby, if for any reason Judges suspect the entered fish was not caught on Feb. 10th 2018 , or has been previously frozen then fish will not be allowed to be entered into derby.

Ø Fish MUST BE CLEAN of ICE or SNOW prior to arriving at tagging station.

Ø Participant must allow fish to remain at tagging station which will be located at Kennebunk Pond Boat Launch for remaining time until awards ceremony.

Ø Cash Prizes will be awarded in following categories

A)   Longest Trout (any of these brown, rainbow, brookie) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Cash Prizes

B)   Depending on intake of entries will decide on total cash value of Derby

C)   Minimum to win currently will be 1st =500.00 2nd=250.00 3rd=100.00

D)   Longest Bass gets 100.00

Ø In order to win cash prize participant must be able to attend awards ceremony at 2:45. (Boat Lunch) Participant must have their event ticket that they purchased prior to 7am Saturday February 10th 2018.

There will be a kids division (under age of 16). Prizes are  Gift Cards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.. 
Adult Division
  • 1st Place ($500) - Tim Labreck 18" Rainbow
  • 2nd Place ($250) - Jeff Derosier 17.5" Rainbow
  • 3rd place ($100) - Sam Hunter 17.5 Brown Trout
  • Largest Bass ($100) - Samantha Labreck 20.75" Bass
Kids Division
  • 1st Place ($150) - John Beaulieu 16.5" Brown Trout
  • 2nd place ($100) - Alyssa Sansoucy 16.25" Rainbow Trout
  • 3rd place ($75) - Alyssa Sansoucy 13" Brook Tout
Ultimate Fishing Package Raffle Winner
John Sheets

50/50 Winner of $336 [undisclosed]