Mission Statement

To establish a bond between the members for mutual protection and aid to one another during times of suffering and death; to promote social welfare among the members and communities, to establish and promote harmonious public relations betwee the members and the communities.


Formally known as the Goodwins Mills Fire Department, Inc., the Goodwins Mills Firefighter Relief Association was established on February 16, 2012. On that date, the Goodwins Mills Fire Department, Inc., was disestablished as the Towns of Lyman and Dayton formally took over the responsibility of administration and oversight of fire and emergency services.

The Goodwins Mills Firefighter Relief Association and the Goodwins Mill Fire-Rescue are now two separate legal entities. The volunteer GMFRA records can not be incorporated with those of the GMFR per federal and state law. GMFRA funds must be maintained in separate accounts and investments purchased with relief assoication funds must be issued solely in the name of the relief association.

Our organization strives to provide help socially, financially and spiritually to our members in their time of need. We focus on benevolence in times of distress, benefits in times of need and fellowship among volunteer firefighters in all times, good and bad. The assoication will assist the municipal fire and rescue when able in accordance with our by-laws, to preserve and maintain the history and legacy of the Goodwins Mills Fire Department, Inc. This is a reminder of how firefighting, rescue and emergency medical service in the Towns of Lyman and Dayton have evolved over the decades, keeping alive the memory of those who have given of themselves. We now depend solely on the charitable donations and fund raising activities to remain in operation.


Benevolent Fund
53 Antique Fire Truck Fund
Fitness Room Fund
Memorial Flags Fund
Frames Fund

Due to changes and additional benefits added or adopted by GMFRA, the Constitution, By-Laws and benefits may be amended and changed from time to time to continue to meet the needs of our volunteer firefighters, their families and the communities they serve.