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Cooking equipment continues to be the leading cause of civilian fire injuries and was the third leading cause of home fire death. While only 9% of the victims of fatal home fire caused by cooking were children under five, they accounted for 19% of all home fire deaths in that age group. Even though cooking equipment ranks high in leading causes of home fires and fire casualties, the death rate per 1,000 fires was 2.6, the lowest of the major causes, and the injury rate was 32 per 1,000 fires, tied for fifth among the major causes. Source NFPA

Older adults have a greater risk of fire death than the overall population. In 2007-2011, home fires killed an estimated average of 780 people 65 or older per year. While this age group accounted for only 13% of the population, Table 2 and Figure 3 show that they accounted for 30% of the fire deaths. Source NFPA
The Goodwin’s Mills Fire/Rescue with financial support from the Narraganset Number One Foundation and Kennebunk Savings Bank is please to offer Kitchen Stop Fire Stops to residents of Dayton and Lyman who are 60 years old and older. If you are not 60 and and would like a set for your house please contact Ben Harris for pricing information.

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