"Do more for your community, than just live in it."

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The Goodwin’s Mills Fire-Rescue hires employees to serve the community in several different functions.  If hired onto the Call Force, the department will provide you with all of the training you need to meet our requirements. Call force employees must live in Dayton or Lyman or within 2.5 miles of the station (Parts of Biddeford or Arundel). If you do not meet these requirements please check with your local fire department for employment opportunities. 

Call Force - The call force is first responders serving the community. It's all about neighbors helping neighbors. Employees and are paid hourly for time responding to calls, training and meetings. The department covers the cost of your training classes. Call force employees are expected maintain a consistent level of activity and participation. Call force employees will be trained one skill set to start. Training in several skills sets is encouraged.

Firefighter (FF)- Performs several different functions at an emergency incident. Such as; general firefighting and prevention; extinguishing wildland fires, structure fires, vehicle fires. Automobile extrication, water rescue, HAZMAT containment. Training commitment is initially less than 50 hours  over a few months. Firefighter certification the commitment is completion of the 150 course Firefighter II Academy. Which is held during a typical college semester.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - Care and transportation of the sick and injured. EMT's are licenced by the State of Maine.  If you qualify, the department will assist you in completing the 130 hour Basic EMT course. This course is taught over a typical college semester. After successful completion of the EMT course, you will then be required to pass Maine EMT licensing examinations.

The initial step in our department, is for new employees to observe EMS and ambulance operations. If the employee shows an aptitude and desire for EMS work, we will then work with you to enroll into a Basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course. 

Emergency Vehicle Operator (EVO) - EVO's drive and operate our ambulances and fire trucks. EVO skills are divided into three levels, as listed below.  To qualify as an EVO; you must be a minimum of of 18 years old and have a driver’s license for at least 3 years. Successfully complete the Emergency Vehicle Operator's Course (EVOC). EVOC is 16-20 hours typically taught in the evening or on weekends. All levels of EVO require passing a proficiency exam.     CDL's are highly desirable.

    EVO1's Drive and operate the ambulances. EVO1's are also required to assist the EMT as necessary. Required training is EVOC and several hours of driving and familiarization on each ambulance.  

    EVO2's Drive and operate the fire engines. Prerequisite training is EVO1 qualification, successful completion of the Basic Pump Operator's Course (BPOC) and several hours of familiarization training with our specific fire engines. BPOC is a 16-20 hour course typically taught in the evenings and on weekends. 

    EVO3's Drive and operate the aerial ladder truck. Prerequisite training is EVO2 qualification, successful completion of the Basic Aerial Operator's Course and several hours of familiarization training on our specific ladder truck.  BAOC is a 16-20 hours course typically taught in the evenings and on weekends.  

Junior Firefighter (JFF) - Maine Labor laws restrict exactly what a Jr. Firefighter or Jr. EMT can do. These young volunteers are able to assist around the fire station, train, and respond on the trucks. Once on scene they can assist in several areas that keep them out of the most dangerous areas. Junior Firefighters must be 14 years old and live in either Dayton or Lyman. Attending high school with passing grades. Junior Firefighters do not receive pay.

Fire Police (FP) - Primarily, provide traffic control and management at an emergency scene. Arrange detours and keep the motoring public and first responders safe in and around emergency scenes. This is a demanding and dangerous job. FP's be over 18 years old. DOT required training is provided.  

Per-diem Firefighter/EMT - Per-diem employees are hired to be on duty and working at the fire station. They are hired on a part-time "day to day" basis. These employees augment our full-time on-duty staff. To fill a per diem position, employees must meet the same training and qualification requirements as full-time or career employees.

Career or Full-time Firefighter/EMT - These employees are hired on a full-time basis. They work 24-hour shifts, and must be certified Firefighters, licensed EMTs, and obtain EVO3 qualification. Currently, the Goodwin’s Mills Fire/Rescue has three full-time career employees. All are FF II, EVO3 and Advanced EMTs or Paramedics. The department also has a full-time Fire Chief.

Observer (VOT):  Curious about becoming a first responder, but not sure about what to expect? Want to learn more about what it's like before making the commitment?  Joining as a "Volunteer Observer Trainee" may  help.  As an "Observer" you can get a good look at what's involved. Learn the different jobs, training requirements and what is it like on an emergency scene. Observers do have to complete and application, pass a short interview, and are subject to a criminal background check. Observers are given initial training and learning assignments.

All candidates for full-time, part-time, per diem, call force employment must complete a physical abilities test (PAT) and a reading comprehension exam. Once these are successfully complete candidates are interviewed by a panel of fire service professionals. Prior to an employment offer, a background check in conducted the candidate must pass a medical examination.  

If you want to help, but not as a first responder, you still can. The Goodwin's Mills Firefighter's Relief Association might be the better fit.  

Please click here to have someone from the department contact you about employment. (Same link as above)