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Mendelbaum Georges





Prof. (Henry) Georges MENDELBAUM

born in 1941 in Paris, married, 4 children,

living at 2/4, Mann str, Jerusalem 93711

Email :



Docteur d'Etat ès-Sciences in Computer Sc., On real time systems structuration, (1976) at Univ. Paris VI, under the supervision of Prof. Arsac, French Sc. Academy Member

Docteur in Chemistry, On carbon adsorption properties, (1966) at Faculté des sciences de Paris, under the supervision of Prof. Brusset,

Licence + DEA (M.Sc) in Physical Chemistry, Faculté des sciences de Paris , 1964



            Chairman of the Senate of Professors, Jerusalem College of Technology (since sept 2002)

Head of the research authority of JCT, Jerusalem College of Technology (since oct 2001)

Chairman of the Computer Sc. dept., JCT, Jerusalem College of Technology (1994-2001)

               Professeur (2nd class), Computer Sc. dept., IUT, Univ. Paris V (1976-retired in 2001)

Chairman of the Computer Sc. dept., Institut Univ de Technologie, Univ. Paris V (1976-1984)



            on formal representation and implementation of real-time systems using generalized

     synchronous parallel automata since 1997, and temporal logic since 1999

on implicit communications in distributed and telecom systems since 1994

on the specification of real time systems by graphical tools

    (and implementations in ADA 1986-1992, in C++ 1992-1997, in JAVA, since 1997)

               on visual systems for robot control, 1984-87

               on real time languages, concurrent applications and systems, 1973-1983

               on process control software, 1969-1973

               on adsorption properties of solid catalysers, 1964-73



55 references of research work :

 in Chemistry (1965-1973), in data processing (1969-1973), in real time modeling (1973-now),

10           full text reviewed Journal publications

26           published  full text reviewed papers in International Conf. Proc.

  7           normal Conference papers (abstract reviewed Conf.)


  10           doctoral thesis which were made under my supervision

  2           my own 2 doctoral thesis (in Chemistry and Computer Sc.)


  1 doctorant is currently working under my supervision at JCT


So, total of 36 full reviewed papers + 7 abstract-based reviewed papers + 12 doctoral research reports.