NEXT RALLY - Aug 18-21 2017 - Solar Eclipse Rally

Solar Eclipse Rally
August 18th thru 22nd 2017

A once in a lifetime event, a total Solar Eclipse will occur on August 21, 2017! It
will cross the US in a strip and draw tens of thousands of spectators to the limited
number of camping areas. Spectators from populated areas will fill roads, camp
grounds and areas along the eclipse route, before and after the event. This replaces
our July rally.
We managed to reserve a few spaces in Crouch Idaho, at Starlight Mountain
Theater and RV Park, with the added attraction of live evening theater and dinner.
We have arranged for 10 RV places with electricity, some by extension cord.

We have approximately 10 places with electricity for RV’s. Some of these will be with
extension cords.
Spaces will be first come first serve. This is to say the first to arrive will be parked first
and may have water as well. Also since spaces are limited the first to get their money in
will be the first to secure a space. This is a highly packed event and as some of you know
we are lucky to get any spaces.

Any Questions contact Doug Norton at 707-474-3616 or 208-440-8702, or Carla Bolton
Mail your check ASAP, but no later than July 4th to: Doug Norton 206 Yosemite
Circle, Vacaville CA 95687 Remember spaces are limited!!!!

Bill Wevers,
Jul 6, 2017, 10:16 PM