Welcome to my website.  The plan is for Mr Martin's students to use this as their 'go to' place for all things ICT/Computing.  I hope you find it useful.  It is currently a work in progress, so if you spot anything that you don't think is in the right place or just generally looks wrong, please leave a comment below.  Any positive suggestions on how I could improve the site will be readily accepted.  Any negative ones, may be ignored.

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  • Yr 11 Computing Exam June 8th.
    Posted 7 Mar 2016, 14:57 by Gareth Martin
  • Yr11CNats Pre release out The pre release is out.  It's about a gym.  Exam is May 18th.
    Posted 7 Mar 2016, 14:56 by Gareth Martin
  • Yr10 CA June 20th 3 days of CA for your programing project starts June 20th
    Posted 5 Apr 2016, 15:30 by Gareth Martin
  • Yr 10CNats R004 deadline March 31st All work needs to be completed by March 31st.
    Posted 7 Mar 2016, 14:54 by Gareth Martin
  • Year 9HR CA 10th & 11th March My group will be based in NC2 for both days.
    Posted 7 Mar 2016, 14:53 by Gareth Martin
  • Year 10 A452 computing controlled assessment Controlled assessment for two days in ARC for my group, starting 22/6/2015.
    Posted 19 Jun 2015, 13:25 by Gareth Martin
  • Year 11 GCSE Computing exam GCSE Computing exam in the gym @ 9am, Wednesday, June 3rd.  Good luck to you all.  90 minute exam.
    Posted 30 May 2015, 04:54 by Gareth Martin
  • Year 11 GCSE Computing final revision session Last chance revision, Tuesday June 2nd, period 4 (12:25), NC2.Attempt to cover Databases & Software as requested.
    Posted 30 May 2015, 04:50 by Gareth Martin
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