Quickfire Questions and Answers

The My Maps mentioned in this article is no longer available. 

This article is only exists now, for historical reference

How to change a icon on a My Map ?
* when editing a feature (you have the 'balloon' open on the map) click the current icon top left of the feateure

How to export My Map?
* Click the 'KML' link under the map title. This downloads the actual data. 

My Map spans multiple pages, how to I show them all on one page?

I can't find my "Saved Locations" !?!?
* ... this feature has been removed. 

Where is the 'Send to GPS' button?
click 'Send' then choose 'GPS' in the options - only works when viewing business search results and some user-created content results. 

Questions without answers (yet!) (suggest more)

* Why can't I change the parameters of an embedded map?
* Why is the mapping and/or location different on embedded maps?
* How often is mapping updated?
* How long does it take for My Maps to be indexed?