Plotting a Radius Circle

The KML display feature used will be turned off, February 2015. 

This article is only exists now, for historical reference

... There are is a few ways this can be done, each working slightly different, so appropriate for different situations:

* As a Mapplet 
The My Maps content directory includes a few possible tools:

* 'Follow Me' circle
The above link will maintain a circle in the center of a view - at a set radius, change the size by changing the value URL inside the Search Box - opens on an example location

* Fixed circle
Enter a URL like in the Search Box
but putting a valid in the lat/lon parameters, and choosing a radius. 

- TIP: this type of map can be saved to My Maps for later use; or you can import the into a My Map, which will add a circle to your features. 


Note: the radius param also accepts other units, such as radius=44km&radius=650meters& and radius=175feet&

Slightly off topic, as its for Google Earth (in a browser) but there is a nice demo (Polyplot) here: