This is the format used to send letters to our state representatives.  

Letter Writing Tips
Heading to write the California State Senate or Senator:

State Capitol, (Room Number)
California Senate
Sacramento, CA 94249

Heading to write the State Assembly or Assemblyman:

The Honorable (Full Name)
State Capitol, (Room Number)
California Assembly
Sacramento, CA 94249

    * Be specific. 
Your purpose for writing should be stated in the first paragraph of the letter. 
Specify the piece of legislation by be sure to identify its full name and number, e.g. Assembly Bill: A_____, Senate Bill: S_____. 
Try to send your letter while the issue is still alive.   
    * State your position. 
Explain why you support or oppose this particular issue. 
Keep in mind that local examples concerning the impact of this legislation are very powerful. 
Be courteous and to the point and stay focused on one issue.
   * Ask for a response. Indicate to your legislator that you would appreciate a reply containing his/her position on the issue.
"Sincerely yours" is a proper way to conclude your letter.    
    * Follow up. If you agree with your legislator's vote, take the time to let him/her know that. 
Similarly, if you disagree with his or her vote, inform your legislator.