Shoot & Meetings Open to Public

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SCAA Meetings are open to all club members and their guests.

One of the clubs in our region will host the next SCAA Meeting. How and where they would like to hold the meeting is up to the host club.

The SCAA uses the 5th Sunday of the month for shoots, and the club hosting the meeting may decide to use the 5th Sunday for the SCAA meeting. Clubs may decide when and where to hold an SCAA meeting. A good time to hold a meeting is after a club shoot or at a club meeting. The meeting is not limited to shoot events, shops or clubs.


Club representatives are asked to attend three meetings a year and records are kept to insure that each club is Chartered and has insurance. Chartered Clubs have range inspections on file and insure that ranges are safe and comply with range standards set by the National Field Archery Association.

A notice will be given in advance of the meeting stating the time and date. Clubs are encouraged to volunteer for arranging meeting times and places. Meetings are held several times a year and when needed or requested by a club. Sometimes issues arise that require a meeting to address the issue. A maximum of three votes are allowed from each club.

The SCAA looks forward to seeing everyone at the next meeting.