SCAA Special Meeting was held Dec 18, 2010

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Carlos Funes - President
Ralph Hydle - V.P and Legislative Rep
Sharon Prey - Secretary

SCAA Legislative Representative
The Legislative Representative may also be the President or Vice President. The Leg Rep attends the Legislative session of the CBH Annual Meeting on the Friday before the meeting. Notes are taken and the information is distributed each year after the meeting. Throughout the year the Legislative Rep is the liaison between the State Legislative Representative and the archers. Legislative information like that found on this website are made available to clubs and individuals. All officers must be a member of CBH and NFAA.

SCAA Officers

The SCAA President arranges SCAA shoots when needed and are are hosted by member clubs. The SCAA handles the registration, raffle and score board. The host club handles food and refreshments and keeps the proceeds. Certificates or other awards are furnished by the SCAA. The President is also the NFAA Range Inspector.

The President and Vice President of the SCAA render assistance, advice and counseling to any member club in need of this service. They help  new clubs to attain self sufficiency or help established clubs having emergency's. Any differences that may arise are brought to arbitration and rulings are made for the good of archery as a whole.

The SCAA President will arrange for range inspections. The President or Secretary is contacted in order to make a date for a range or shop inspection for the NFAA/State Charter and for insurance.

The SCAA officers must attend the Annual CBH/SAA meeting every year in January and attend the President's meeting in Woodlake in June each year. In 2010 the meeting was held in Redding California and will be held in Stockton California in 2012.

Officers of the SCAA are volunteers. They are not paid. Compensation is given for mileage based on the number of miles according to a map driving program like Yahoo or Google. This compensation is given for attending the Annual Meeting. Meals are reimbursed up to $30 a day for the Annual Meeting. There is no meal allowance for the President's meeting. The SCAA reimburses the hotel stay at the CBH group rate.

The Vice President takes over for the President when the President leaves office before the even year elections or on a temporary basis.

The SCAA Region covers an area from South Bay, Pasadena, Sunland, Simi Valley, Santa Ynez, Buellton, Arroyo Grande and San Luis Obispo.

The SCAA Secretary keeps records forms and applications for the SCAA, CBH and NFAA. Names, numbers and addresses of contacts for SCAA, CBH and NFAA are also kept. All related records are kept by the Secretary. The names of all CBH members in the Region are recorded and updated as CBH/NFAA dues are paid. A record of all the transactions and a Treasurer's report is kept monthly by the Secretary. The Secretary may use up to $25 a month on SCAA expenses like postage, fliers, paper etc. The Secretary also takes the minutes of each meeting and distributes a copy. The Secretary supplies all archery shops with a shoot schedule of member clubs. The Secretary receives the shoot schedules each year from clubs in the region and makes the shoot schedule available. At present the SCAA schedule is under SHOOTS on the site.

For more information please contact:
Ralph Hydle or 310-841-0516
SCAA Secretary