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What has CBH done for me and what can I do for CBH?

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What has CBH/SAA done for me?

Many times fellow archers will ask ,” Why should I join CBH/SAA, What have they done for me lately?" What they fail to realize is a good majority of the current archery hunting opportunities that are here today are because of the ground work that CBH/SAA did over the last ten years. One opportunity was getting archery Elk Hunts that did not exist until the legislative team got involved. The second opportunity was getting "Youth Hunt Tags."  The increase that CBH/SAA proposed were for all youth hunters, regardless of method of take. Take a look at the accomplishments.

If the person that your talking to is not a member of this organization or has a question in his or her own mind, about what CBH/SAA has done for the archery community? Then refer them to this page and have them take a look at the partial list of accomplishments. Better yet, you print it out and give it to them. Then ask them what they have done for their sport? Join CBH/SAA and continue the forward progression.

Partial List Of Accomplishments Of The Legislative Team:

“What has CBH/SAA ever done for me?”

  1. Increasing archery elk hunting opportunities from zero tags to 38 tags.
  2. Increase in youth hunting tags from 162 to 500 plus.
  3. Filing suit against the City of Burbank for prohibiting the use of archery equipment inside the city limits
  4. Bringing about the legal use of expandable broadheads in California.
  5. Saving the A-24 zone archery hunting opportunity.
  6. Saving the hunting opportunity in the Clear Creek Watershed in Redding from closure.
  7. Defeating the “no bow shooting” ordinance in the City of Vallejo.
  8. Regular presentations to the Fish and Game Commission & Department of Fish and Game to increase opportunity for archers and youth in California.
  9. The opening of the O’Neil forebay at San Luis Reservoir to bowfishing.
  10. Opening of Bullard’s Bar Lake to bowfishing.
  11. Making available the International Bowhunter Education Program to archers in California.
  12. Opening of Elkhorn Slough to bowfishing but was closed to all fishing and archery again in 2009.
  13. Opening the Yolo Wildlife Area to bowfishing.
  14. Retaining the bowhunting opportunity within the city limits of Duarte.
  15. Archery hunting for deer, bear, antelope, quail, pheasants and grouse.
  16. Presently working toward further bowfishing opportunities throughout the state.
  17. Presently working toward hunting opportunities and access on the Sacramento River Refuge on public, private state and federal land.
  18. Presently working toward the establishment of an archery turkey hunting season.
  19. Presently working with the local shooting community in preventing closure of the only remaining non-fee public shooting range in the Redding area by BLM.
  20. Donating game tracking equipment to the Department of Fish and Game.
These are just some of the Legislative Team actions and achievements in CBH/SAA. We are just one part of the total program within the organization. There are a myriad of other functions for the promotion, education and advancement of archery and bowhunting in California performed by CBH/SAA.