State Legislation followed by Federal. This is a synopsis of Bills. For more detailed information, use the links and scroll down to read more about legislation at the state and federal level. link

State of California Election Results and Governor Brown State Budget


SB 1058 - Protection of Big Game Tag and Upland Game Bird Stamp Revenues - COHA SPONSORED   link

Sacramento, CA – California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed Senate Bill 1058 to prevent hunter generated revenues from being misused for non-game or non-hunting purposes. The measure was authored by Senator Tom Harman (R-Huntington Beach) and sponsored by the California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA).

AB 1254 - Streamlining of Fish and Game Commission Meeting Schedule - COHA SPONSORED     link

Allows DFG to adjust meeting schedule and offer special hunting opportunities to qualified hunter education instructors.


AB 979  Ban on Local Government Interference With Hunting/Fishing Activities - COHA SPONSORED   link

This would help keep cities and counties from interfering with hunting and fishing activities. The bill is being sponsored by COHA in response to increasing efforts by urban cities and counties to arbitrarily restrict hunting activities within their jurisdictions....

AB 1810 (Feuer) - Long Gun Registration Bill Dies on Senate Floor link

This legislation that would have expanded the current handgun registration law to long guns by requiring the Attorney General to permanently maintain a registry of all firearms purchasers.

AB 2223 - Prohibition of Lead Shot on State Wildlife Areas - OPPOSE

This would prohibit the use of lead shot on all state Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) operated by the Department of Fish and Game (DFG). link


SB 1179  (Hollingsworth) - Free Hunting Days - SUPPORT  link

Legislation which would authorize the Department of Fish and Game to establish two "free hunting days" each year for individuals to go hunting without a hunting license


AB 2186 (De Leon) - Loaded Firearms Violations/Loss of Firearms for 10 Year Period - OPPOSE  link

Assembly Member Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles) introduced AB 2186 to prohibit a person from owning, purchasing or possessing a firearm for 10 years for violating the state’s “loaded firearms” laws.


AB 2465 (Yamada) - Mosquito Abatement Mandates for Public Lands - OPPOSE link

would require state agencies that acquire lands after January 1, 2011 to adopt and implement specified mosquito control best management practices (BMPs). This would have a detrimental impact on wetlands and certain wildlife.

ACA 11 (Berryhill) - Right to Hunt - SUPPORT  link

ACA 11 is a National Rifle Association (NRA) sponsored measure that would establish hunting as a right protected under the California Constitution, similar to what has been passed in at least 10 other states.

SB 1277 (Florez) - Animal Abuse Registry/Dog Food Tax - OPPOSE  link
SB 1277 (Florez), as introduced, would place an unspecified tax on pet food to fund local spay and neuter programs and require the Department of Justice to maintain an “animal abuse” registry via an Internet Website.

SB 250 (Florez) - Spay/Neuter Mandates for Dogs - Dies on floor  link

This prohibits anyone from owning an unaltered or unspayed dog without a special license along with other requirements like high fees and banning of breeding. California State Assembly voted down this bill.


2010/2011 State Budget -- $5M Cut to Hunting and Fishing Programs  link

On May 14th, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger released his “May Revise” of the proposed FY 2010/2011 state budget, which seeks to close a massive $21 billion dollar deficit. To help bridge the budget shortfall, Governor Schwarzenegger is proposing to reduce the Department of Fish and Game’s budget by an additional $5 million, bringing the total proposed reduction to $10 million. Unfortunately, the “May Revise” does not alter the Governor’s original raid of $5 million from hunting and fishing programs.


COHA, Conservation Partners Urge Reinstatement of Williamson Act Subvention Monies

COHA and a broad coalition of agricultural, conservation and local government interests are asking the Legislature and the Governor to restore some $38 million in funding for Williamson Act subvention payments to local governments. link

Water Bond Measure to Include Significant Waterfowl Habitat Funding  link

After more than 3 years of lobbying efforts, the California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA) succeeded in including $110 million for waterfowl and wetland habitat conservation efforts in a statewide bond measure that will be considered by the California electorate.

California State Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus  link

This is an effort to build the political strength of the outdoor community in the halls of our State Capitol.


S. 2921 - the “California Desert Protection Act of 2010  link

the bill would amend the “California Desert Protection Act of 1994” to: (1) establish or designate national monuments, wilderness areas, special management areas and off-highway vehicle recreation areas; (2) release specified wilderness study areas; (3) adjust national park and preserve boundaries; (4) specify land withdrawals, exchanges, and acquisitions.

H.R. 3749/S. 1770 – Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage and Opportunities Act

In an effort to promote these traditional uses, the measures would require that federal public land management officials provide use of and access to federal public lands and waters for fishing, sport hunting, and recreational shooting except where closure is mandated by other federal statue or necessitated by public safety....  link

H.R. 1916 - “Migratory Bird Habitat Investment and Enhancement Act

This is an increase in the price of the federal duck stamp to accelerate the restoration, enhancement and protection of waterfowl habitats.  link

H.R. 1831/S. 812 – Land Conservation Tax Incentives  link

This legislation would make the existing tax incentives for qualified land conservation permanent.

H.R. 3750/S. 1759 – Water Transfer Facilitation Act of 2009  link

H.R. 45 – Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009  link

S.B. 2099 – IRS Tax Requirements on Firearms  link

There is more legislation. Please visit the COHA site..