archery in california

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Archers in California are an endangered specie. They are aggressively being hunted by the anti-hunting lobbyists. The ten year old aiming for the paper target bulls-eye is on the list. 

The anti-hunting groups are political action groups. They out number you, out spend you, and raise millions of dollars more than you. They are also louder than you.

Every archer has one goal, to hit the 10-ring, to go for the x-spot, to be a winner and to be at the top of their game. We must put some of that energy into saving archery for the next generation.

Last year more than 800,000 tags, licenses and stamps were sold to California residents. There are another one million non hunters who love archery. We can be a formidable force. Support archery and help show our support and numbers by joining the CBH/SAA.

To all who love archery, if you do nothing else this year, get out there and write one letter. Give a few dollars to an organization that supports what you support. We can perish as the quiet minority or be heard and prevail.