Interesting cameras & lenses

This is a list of 'interesting cameras that I hope to write about some time, together with some photographs taken with them. However, it is beginning to feel like a 'lifetime project' - progress is painfully slow.

Camera or lens
 Initial comments
 NIKON F System
 Nikon F - plain prism Solid and very capable. A great 'platform' for pre-AI Nikkor lenses
 Nikon F2 - plain prism    
 Probably my all-time favourite Nikon F camera. A legendary camera
 Nikon F2AS The last Nikon F2 version. Mine is very well used but recently serviced and working well
 Nikon F2 Photomic Close to mint condition, and really nice to use
 Nikkormat FT2
 Excellent cheap Nikon. Meter window on top plate is great for street photography
 Nikkor-N 24mm f2.8  A remarkably good lens for its age. The NC and 'K' versions are more flare resistant
 Nikkor-HC 28mm f3.5
 A much under-appreciated lens. NC version is said to be much better than the H one
 Nikkor-S 35mm f2.8 This is close to mint - owned for many years but unused so far!
 Nikkor-HC 50mm f2 Excellent performer with a nice 'signature'
 Nikkor-H 85mm f1.8
 Hard to find, especially in top condition. Awesome reputation. HC is more flare resistant
 Nikkor-P 105mm f2.5    
 It is as good as everyone says. Wilthe the later versions are better, this is no 'slouch'
 Nikkor-Q 135mm f2.8
 Rather hard to find. heavy but a great performer. QC version is better but a bit rarer
 All of the above are Pre-AI or AI'd lenses
 Miranda RE-II
 Electronically coupled, meaning full aperture metering. A rather good camera in reality
 Miranda EC 50mm f1.4
 First impressions are that this is a pretty good 50/1.4
 Miranda EC 28mm f2.8 Quite reasonable
 Miranda EC 105mm f2.8
 Pretty rare lens - but untested as yet. Expect it to be good
 Miranda Sensomat A nice, slightly quirky, camera. Soligor lenses are generally 'OK' to good
 Soligor lenses for Miranda
 The f2.8 Auto Soligor lenses for the Sensomat have decent, if not outstanding performance. However, the 135mm and 180mm Pre-set Soligor lenses seem to be only average-mediocre performers
 PENTAX M42 Screw System
 Pentax SV    
 I am on my thrid SV, having worn out two in the last 40 years: must be good
 Pentax Spomatic and Spotmatic II       Well deserved reputation as a great user camera
 Pentax SL
 A Spotmatic without a meter - solid performer
 Pentax Spotmatic F Full aperture metering with SMC-F lenses. Lenses are optically the same as the non-F
 Super-Multicoated-Takumar 24mm f2.8
 Rather rare, rather good
 Super-Multicoated-Takumar 28mm f3.5
 Not common nowadays but excellent performance
 Super-Multicoated-Takumar 35mm f2
 The radioactive (lanthanum glass) version that scares the uninitiated - ha, ha.
 Super-Multicoated-Takumar 35mm f3.5
 A really good performer
 Super-Multicoated-Takumar 55mm f1.8 As good as a Leica 50mm f2 Summicron-R (second version)
 Super Takumar 85mm f1.9
 The earlier version of the much hyped SMC 85/1.8. It is good, It is big. It is overpriced
 Super-Multicoated-Takumar 105mm f2.8  "F" For Spotmatic F. Excellent, classic 105mm
 Super-Multicoated-Takumar 200mm f3.5
 Very good
 Super-Multicoated-Takumar 300mm f4.5
 Very very good.

 CANON FD System
 Canon EF (35mm SLR)
 Apart from a few niggles about battery wastage, it is a good camera to use
 Canon FTBn
 A classic no nonsense camera
 Canon FD 24mm f2.8 SSC
 Solid performer
 Canon FD 28mm f2.8 SC
 Solid performer
 Canon FD 35mm f2 'chrome front'        
 Radioactive glass and awesome performance
 Canon FD 35mm f3.5 SC
 Don't dismiss these "incredibly slow" lenses - this one is terribly under-appreciated
 Canon 50mm f1.4  SSC Bzzzzt! Radioactive. Sharp at f1.4 apart from edges & extreme corners
 Canon 85mm f1.8  SSC A legend. Big, fast, sharp and easyto use
 Canon FD 135mm f2.5 SC
 Anyone who moans about its perceived softness is missing the point of this lens
 Vivitar Series 1 200mm f3.0 FD B/L
 Very good for an independent maker, but the Canon 200mm f4 SC beats it at f4.5
 Minolta Autocord Rokkor 75mm f2.5
 Not exactly a Rolleiflex but pretty close. Slightly quirky winder
 Rolleiflex T 75mm f3.5 Zeiss Tessar
 Hard to beat except by the later Planar versions
 Rolleiflex MX 75mm f2.5 Zeiss Tessar
 A little uncommon, a tad 'primitive', but a useable classic nonetheless
 Rolleicord 1a 75mm f3.5 Zeiss Triotar
 A cute 1935 TLR that works nicely
 Olympus OM1n    
 Small, cute and slick. Very bright finder and very dependable
 Olympus OM4
 More features than an OM1n, but less reliable. For me it's 'OK' but not 'great'
 Zuiko-W 24mm f2.8
 Really good.
 Zuiko-W 28mm f2.8 Really good.
 Zuiko-W 35mm f2.8 Good to really good. The Pentax-M 35mm f2.8 is possibly a tad better overall - it's close!
 Zuiko-S 50mm f1.4 (several versions)
 Zuiko-S 50mm f1.8 (several versions) Nitpickers prefer the Made in Japan version, but they are all pretty good, See above
 Zuiko-T 100mm f2.8
 Very good indeed
 S Zuiko Auto-Zoom 35-70mm f3.5-4.5 Actually this is a quite decent lens without any significant downsides
  The MC lenses are sometimes a tad less sharp than the SC one, but with better contrast
 PENTAX M System
 Pentax LX
 Legendary camera with a few interesting features. Excellent meter and AE
 Pentax MX
 A great workhorse. Great meter
 Pentax-K 24mm f2.8
 As good as any 24mm, except close up where the Nikkor wins by a nose
 Pentax-M 28mm f3.5
 Forget the f2.8 version, this is top dog on a Pentax M
 Pentax-M 35mm f3.5 As above
 Pentax-M 50mm f1.4
 A classic and excellent 1.4 design - as good as any other brand
 Pentax-M 50mm f1.7 Cheap and excellent performance. The f2 version is the same but a tad cheaper
 Pentax-A* 85mm f1.4
 Big, bright and painfully sharp. The Nikkor might be better, but it is very close
 Retina IIa Schneider Xenon 50mm f2
 1949 was a good year. Very nice lens and easy to use camera. Good @ f2, exc. @ f4
 Retina IIIc Schneider Xenar 50mm f2.8 Newer than the IIa by 30 years. Possibly sharper. Easier to use. Exc. @ F2.8
 Kodak Retinette 017 Schneider Xenar 50mm f3.5
 c.1935. I really need to shoot some film with this
 Agfa Super Solinette 50mm f2.8 Solinar
 Works well, but less well made than a Kodak Retina. Lens is also a wee bit softer at f2.8