About Glyptolith

Glyptolith is a collection of personal, non-commercial, photographs spanning many themes, genres and categories.

Here you will find landscapes, townscapes and skyscapes, historic buildings, engineering, flowers, abstracts and all sorts of things.

You will not find portraits or hardcore nature photographs, nor over-processed, manically manipulated, pseudo-photography, which I consider to be a different branch of graphic art - fauxtography, not photography.

All the images were created in a digital or film camera, and wherever possible I use traditional photo techniques and/or the minumum of digmanipulation . . .

I have been taking still photographs since the early 1970s, but before that I had interests in cinematography going back to the 1950s.

My particular interest in recent years has been in exploring the merits of older 35mm and 6x6cm film cameras. I have a couple of elderly 'Barnack' Leicas which are in regular use, as well as more modern cameras. I discovered the benefits of digital photography in the mid 1980s, and I currently use a variety of digital cameras 'back to back' with film cameras.

I hope you like and enjoy my photos. They are often changed around, so please drop by from time to time.


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