Ripper Series
Historical Romance with a twist

Book One

Growing up in late nineteenth century East London, Kitty Harper’s life is filled with danger and death – from her mother, her beloved neighbour and the working women of the streets. 

With her ever-watchful father and living surrogate family though, Kitty feels protected from harm. In fact, she feels so safe that while Whitechapel cowers under the cloud of a fearsome murderer, she strikes out on her own, moving into new premises to accommodate her sewing business.

But danger is closer than she thinks. In truth, it has burrowed itself right into her heart in the form of a handsome yet troubled bachelor, threatening everything she holds dear. Will Kitty fall prey to lust – and death – herself, or can she find the strength inside to fight for her business, sanity and her future?

And who is the man terrifying the streets of East London?


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"Ripper, My Love" by Glynissmy on Ganxy

Praise for Ripper, My Love:

5.0 out of 5 stars
Ingenious, with many a surprise, August 25, 2012


Lornwal (Yorba Linda, CA USA) - See all my reviews

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This review is from: Ripper, My Love (Kindle Edition)

RIPPER, MY LOVE, by Glynis Smy, is in no way an ordinary historical romance. Full of twists, turns, and plenty of nail-biting suspense and scares, it seamlessly blends an emotional love affair with a shocking, history-as-it-might-have-been, crime story.

In late Victorian London, talented seamstress and designer Kitty Harper has benefitted not only from society's increasingly modern attitude toward women, but also from her father's and friends' encouragement and devotion. Despite her family's working class status, Kitty is educated, meeting regularly with a tutor, and has saved enough money to open her own seamstress shop. Although reluctantly, her father even allows her to move into the rooms above the shop. Exceptionally gifted in her trade, Kitty has the skill and ambition to design beautiful, fashionable clothing for upper-class women.

Focused on her career, Kitty holds several suitors at arm's length until she meets dashing farmer James Lockwood. Despite his country upbringing, the handsome Lockwood is gallant and attentive. He is quickly as smitten with Kitty as she is with him. But trouble is coming. These are dangerous days; Jack the Ripper has begun terrorizing London - especially Whitechapel, where Kitty lives and works.

Ms. Smy has created a wonderfully Hitchcockian novel; we readers know The Ripper's secrets nearly from the outset. Our characters - especially Kitty and her extended family - do not. We realize (à la Mr. Hitchcock) that the figurative bomb is on the bus. When will it go off? Who will live? Who will die?

One would not imagine any aspect of Jack the Ripper being sympathetic, but Ms. Smy has not only accomplished that devilish feat, she has also kept every loathsome bit of his villainy and treachery intact. We are never quite sure what will happen next, and as the novel progresses, pages get turned faster and faster!

Not only are the characters and plot absorbing, the details of life in London at that time are exquisitely drawn. Without letting the story get bogged down in detail, Ms. Smy creates fully populated, artfully dressed, and atmospheric scenes. The reader is so fully drawn in that one can almost hear the clopping of carriage horses' hooves and feel the chill, surrounding fog.

I highly recommend RIPPER, MY LOVE.

Book 2
Ripped Genes (Sequel to Ripper, My Love) MAY 2013

Heart-wrenching, shocking, gripping suspense, February 11, 2014

RIPPED GENES is not for the faint of heart, but it is a gripping, passionate, and compelling novel of determination and courage in the face of almost unbearable adversity. It will shock you, keep you glued to the edge of your seat, and wrench your heart. 
5.0 out of 5 stars

This book has had me gripped for the last 5 hours , an amazing follow up to Ripper my Love and now feel like the story has finally been completed .

The first few chapters took me back to the characters i loved in Glynis Smys first novel "Ripper My Love " and brought me back upto date , with out giving away too much to potential readers , the story then has an amazing and intriguing twist that had me totally hooked !!!!

Her best novel so far ... S.Duckworth ... Amazon Reader

Author Glynis Smy follows the success of her gripping, suspenseful historical romance, "Ripper My Love," with the gripping, suspenseful sequel, "Ripped Genes," which just may rip your heart out.

 Historical Romance

 MAGGIE'S CHILD ... Amazon #1 best-seller ebook list: Feb 2014 in Historical romance Victorian. #1 in same category for books, and made it to #25 in top 100 paid list for general historical romance genre. This book is proving to be a favourite of my readers.

When farmer’s wife Maggie Sawbury gives birth to her fifth child, the only one that has lived and the result of an extra-marital affair, she is heartbroken and desperate. Maggie knows her joyless life with a bully of a husband is not one a child should endure, and she leaves the baby at the roadside to be found by passers-by.

Her money-driven husband announces he has found her another job in the village of Redgrave, aside from the many tasks she has on Windtop farm. He is totally unaware the position comes with a secret. One that frightens and yet brings joy to Maggie. She is to become wet-nurse to her abandoned child.

Love, and the possibility of incest, threaten to open old wounds, and Maggie has several decisions to make. However, will they be the right ones? If she tells all she knows, it will bring about the destruction of three families. Equally, her silence could be just as destructive. She shares her secret with another, the result changes her life, and a death brings with it more secrets. Will Maggie stay or will she walk away and find the love she craves?

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Praise for Maggie's Child

Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014 - Judge Reviewers, second round: 
Will appeal to fans of Mary Stewart and Susan Howatch.

Good opener. I like the way the story starts in action rather than a long, drawn-out exposition. The author uses dialog sparingly, but well, and offers us a good feel for period landscape. The tone and texture remind me of Philippa Gregory's historical romances. The synopsis describes the piece as "slower-paced," but the author manages to avoid the trap of a lethargic beginning. 


4.0 out of 5 stars In the Style of George Eliot, April 10, 2013
This review is from: Maggie's Child (Kindle Edition)
Glynis Smy has created a historical world that puts me in mind of the classic works of George Eliot and Elizabeth Gaskell. Her hard-working, put-upon heroine carries herself with a quiet grace through the tragedies of her hard-fought life. Not a cheerful story in many respects (there are moments in which it is quite dark), but the author plumbs the depths of human darkness and comes up in the end with a bucket full of light and hope.

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I really enjoyed author Glynis Smy's 'Ripper, My Love', so I couldn't wait to read her next novel. I wasn't disappointed! With a great cast of characters - both likeable and dislikeable - and fantastic plot twists, I couldn't help turning the pages for more. Main character Maggie's determination and strength despite the numerous hardships she faces pulled me through the novel.

Smy has a fantastic way of painting scenes and even though this novel is set in the past, I could clearly envisage the farm where Maggie toils and the village setting.

Another evocative novel by Smy - I'm looking forward to reading another novel by this author now!
5.0 out of 5 stars A Real Page Turner 31 Dec 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
It is one o'clock in the morning and I couldn't go to sleep until I had finished reading this latest book by Glynis Smy. It has really captured my imagination with its intriguing plot and colorful characters. The book is real page turner and one which I would rank up there with Josephine Cox, Marie Joseph and Anna Jacobs, three of my all time favorite authors of historical fiction. It gives us a deep insight into the hardships of life in the nineteenth century. The heroine, Maggie, suffers dreadful cruelty at the hands of her miserly husband and through the love of her child, whom she cannot acknowledge she is determined to rise above it and eventually finds true love. This is a beautifully written book which I can highly recommend and I am really looking forward to the next book by this outstanding author.
Format:Kindle Edition
This is Author Glynis Smy's second book. I read her first and was eagerly awaiting this one. I was not disappointed!

Life in the 1800's was difficult and Maggie's life was touched with hardships. And in one moment when her child breathed life, Maggie found a love that was stronger, and deeper that she could imagine. With another sacrifice at hand she was able to give her child something she desperately wanted him to have. The winds of fate turned and through her sacrifice a gift was also given. A bright light of her despairing home life. And the end, karma shows up and shows up well.

Superb writing Author Glynis Smy and I am eagerly awaiting Ripped Genes to appear!

By Jane A
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
What a nice gentle story. I thought it would be too 'light' but it kept me page turning and left me with a happy feel at the end.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Book, July 11, 2013
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This review is from: Maggie's Child (Kindle Edition)
I thoroughly enjoyed Maggie's Child could not put it down, would love a sequel. Immediately after finishing this book I purchased Glynis Smys other 2 books Ripper, My Love and Ripped Genes which again I could not put down and thoroughly enjoyed. I will certainly be purchasing more books from this author.