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Glucose meter for Android is an Android app which has a lot of features to manage your diabetes. In the website you will find documentation an support about the app.

This app was born under the idea of mHealth or mobile Health, maybe mHealth sound you like something new but one of the idea of mHealth basically consist of patient monitoring using wireless devices, in this case your Android phone, in order to provide a better health care due to the patient is more proactive and therefore get a better diagnostic.
To carry out this project, it was used a LifeScan OneTouch Ultra glucose meter and a Bluetooth Adapter. The app is open to support more glucose meters and bluetooth devices. Manufactures, companies if you are interested in app support your hardware, please feel free to contact with me.
The following video, it is shown how to connect your glucose meter with your smartphone. The App required Android 2.0 and above for bluetooth connectivity and the video show the first release of the app.

There is a requirement to connect your Android phone to the glucose meter,  it's needed Android 2.0  version and above to use the bluetooth connectivity, nowadays is the 70% of Android Market. However for Android phones which doesn't have Android 2.0 can be use in manual way since Android 1.5.

Coming back to the video, we can see the steps to use the app. Firstly, we proceed to measure the glucose level as usual but the recommendable step is start the app first and press connect button and then measure your glucose level. After that point the bluetooth adapter start to work, looking for bluetooth devices to be connected and transfer the data to your smartphone. So It's important to be in an environment with a few bluetooth devices in order to make easy the connection between both devices.
After that we will get the last measure result on the main screen. The rest measures can be shown in the graph in order to have an overview about our glucose tracking.


On the left, vertical axis the glucose level is represent and the horizontal axis the time is represent. Every day is split using the white vertical line to make it easy to understand the graph.

If you touch one of the circles, you will get more information about the glucose record, for example the exact value, date, and the reason. After this overview there are more options pressing 'Menu', for example we can clean the history of glucose levels if  the rest of the history is no useful or we already have a backup.The app also can show you a list view rather than a graph view where you can delete or modify any glucose record.
The last option is to share the glucose record via email for your doctor or parents. In the email we will have all details related to glucose tracking and a glucose graph generated using Google Chart Tools. 


Other feature of the app is the synchronization with Google Health, which is use as personal health record service to save all your glucose levels.
In this way your data can be share with your doctor as well.

Since version 1.3.2 there is a new feature, the app now provide statistic which I hope to help you control better you diabetes and hopefully it will give you more motivation. The averages can be found all together and divided by categories. At the bottom of the screen you can choose a range between dates, it is important to choose a day below and above to include the days you want. For example if we want to calculate from 3/5/2010 to 5/5/2010 we will need to choose From 2/5/2010 to 6/5/2010 to include the 3th and 5th, otherwise if you choose from 3/5/2010 to 5/5/2010 it will just calculate 4th May.

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