Saturday, Sept. 25
Leatham D. Smith Quarry
    Huge quarry exposing Silurian section from Mayville Dolomite through Hendricks Dolomite, especially tidal-supratidal strata
Walker Road Quarry
    Contact between highly fossiliferous Cordell Dolomite and Engadine Dolomite—the youngest Silurian unit present in Door County 
Peninsula State Park
    Views of the Niagara Escarpment from observation tower and close-up examination of some strata
Baileys Harbor Quarry    
    Famous fossil-collecting area in Cordell Dolomite
Cave Point
    Unusual fossils in Engadine Dolomite in picturesque setting with wave-worn caves

Sunday, Sept. 26
Hwy 57 roadcut
    New exposure showing Ordovician/Silurian contact
Wequiock Falls County Park
    Waterfall over Silurian ledge, with extensive Ordovician exposures downstream
Fonferek's Glen County Park
    Waterfall and natural arch
Ulmen Quarry
    Neda Oolite exposures