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The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (TV 1978)

Release Date: November 1978
Created By: David Nobbs
Cast: Leonard Rossiter, Pauline Yates, John Barron, Geoffrey Palmer, Sue Nicholls, Trevor Adams
Duration: 30 mins (21 episodes)
Description: Middle-aged middle manager, Reggie Perrin, who is driven to bizarre behaviour by the pointlessness of his job at Sunshine Desserts. Much of series 3, especially the houses and street used for the location of the Perrins community, was filmed in Cheltenham.

•Beehive Hotel, 1-3 Montpellier Villas, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
•Eldorado Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire 


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL51 3AH