Clockwise, John Cleese and a personal study of Film Locations

As a precursor to Gloucestershire On Screen, the 1986 comedy film Clockwise, starring John Cleese, was studied to determine the ease (or lack of) of finding film locations in the UK.

Filmed largely on location in the Midlands and Yorkshire, it was the first filming location I visited and I caught the bug quickly. Of course, some locations, over the passage of time are unrecognisable due to redevelopment, deterioration or decay but it is remarkable to see how places change.

Research is key to finding locations, and 25 years on, some are near-on impossible to locate. Resources such as IMDB, Britmovie and Google come in useful but, as with most films listed on this website, people's memories have generally been the best source of information. If you can help with this film, or any others, do contact us.