The Mission

Welcome to the Glossa Ordinaria Project, where the goal is to bring as many resources and information concerning the Glossa Ordinaria for everyone who is interested in this great Medieval Bible commentary/Study Bible.  My goal is to see that the Glossa Ordinaria gets translated into English, and I am making it a priority to help as many people as possible get aware of the Gloss.  I hope to make this site a center for study and team and independent development, in hopes that all sorts of translation projects can be developed, everything from professional to amateur translations that can be made available on this site to be freely used by viewers on this site.

Contact me at jlitteral29@gmail.com

What this site provides

This site aims to give site users access to as many online resources of the Glossa Ordinaria, anything from Gloss manuscripts to facsimiles and versions.  We also provide a forum for discussions! 

Published English Translations of the Glossa Ordinaria

Unfortunately very little of the Glossa Ordinaria has been translated into English (yet).  But there are some that I do want to make you aware of.  The has recently published a translation of the Gloss on the Epistles of St. John by Consolomini Publications.  Teams Commentary Series have three books of the Glossed Bible translated, that is, Romans, Song of Songs, and Ruth.  Alexander Andrée has translated the first chapter of Lamentations.  Also a beautiful work by Ryan McDermott of an English translation of the Glossed book of Jonah, which can be viewed freely!  Another translation of the Gloss on Jonah is published by Consolomini publications.

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